Arrow – “The Climb” Review

Arrow - "The Climb"The League of Assassins are back in full swing with threats and reveals. Sarab, one of the League’s own will kill 50 people every day until Sarah’s killer is found. Only Sarab is the name that Maseo goes by now. Oliver has two days to find the murderer before this happens, which kicks the team into overdrive and panic mode. The genetic pointers that Caitlin was able to partially identify were used and pointed to Oliver as being Sarah’s killer. Thus the mystery continued as they tried to figure out who was actually behind it as they tracked down pilots and took footage that would lead them closer to an answer before innocents in Starling were lead to another conclusion.

There was proof that Thea was in Starling City with Malcolm the night before Saah’s murder, but Thea continued to lie to Oliver. It didn’t help that Oliver was lying to himself, forcing himself to believe that the DNA was a partial match for him, but not for Thea. We’ve seen Oliver shirk away from the truth when it involved his family. He wishes to see the best in his family. It’s frustrating as the audience, but it’s also frustrating for Diggle and Felicity. He won’t accept that the Thea he once knew has changed drastically. He finally was forced to see truth when he came to Thea not as Oliver, but as the Arrow and he saw first hand as she attacked him that she was no longer the same.

Arrow - "The Climb"It isn’t surprising that Malcolm was behind everything. What is interesting is how complex he made this in order to clear his own slate. Malcolm literally created this entire plan, training, coaxing, everything to clear his own name. By using Thea he set up Oliver’s sister, knowing Oliver would do everything in his power to save her. As a result Oliver would be forced to fight Ra’s Al Ghul in trial by combat and should he win Malcolm would be safe. His plan was solid in that he knew he could manipulate all the players involved in a way that would benefit him.

Of course, Oliver would play into Malcolm’s hand and challenge Ra’s. He took up the offer and was granted the opportunity to say goodbye to those he loved. This included a great moment with Felicity as he admitted that he knew only two things that motivated him. One, that he would do anything to protect Thea. Two, he loved Felicity. There was a raw honestly to that which was refreshing. One would how that if Oliver walks out of the match up granted his life that he would put aside the hesitation that Oliver had with Felicity. Hopefully he would go all in.

Arrow - "The Climb"Let’s talk about Oliver’s fight with Ra’s in the final segment of the episode. We saw how tremendous of a fighter Oliver has been. He is skilled and smart. He knows how to hold his own, yet he looked almost like a flailing child when fighting Ra’s. I would expect little else when it comes to fighting a man so skilled with so many years that he was the head of the League of Assassins. Yet, Oliver’s show of strength was better than any other. However it wasn’t enough. It couldn’t best Ra’s no matter how much he wanted to come back to the people he loved. Ra’s made a fool of Oliver and thrust a sword through his chest, sealing the deal by kicking his still body off the cliff. It was a gut punch to see Oliver just fall with no fanfare. Oliver Queen is dead. The real question is will he stay dead? Death, after all, isn’t quite as straight forward when Ra’s Al Ghul is around.

Arrow - "The Climb"Felicity and Ray are having their problems. Ray is regretful for blowing off their moment. Which lead to what should have been an emotional reveal for Ray, but it somehow didn’t hold the emotional weight it needed to. Yes, it is sad that Ray lost his fiance to the mirakuru warriors, but for some reason it didn’t it home. Something about it felt faked and forced, unlike the chemistry between him and Felicity and every other aspect of his personality. Felicity must have seen some of the falsity in what he said, leading her to finally question why he was here. That was when he showed her the ATOM exosuit and revealed that he plans to help the city in it. We’ve seen the bits an pieces showing that the suit was there, but this was the first declaration that it was going to be put to use. It’s now only a matter of time before we see The Atom in action.

What did you think of the episode?

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