The 100 – “Long Into an Abyss” Review

The 100 - "Long Into an Abyss"After a season and a half, the fact that the 100 who were sent down to Earth were criminals was finally used to their advantage. The 47 in Mount Weather are now out to save themselves by causing a bit of trouble and attempting to lead their own attack out. Well, at least the four main kids that we’ve seen inside. Them breaking in to find out more information was interesting and felt like a mini heist within the episode. That said, I’m mostly glad that they actual did something for themselves rather than let things happen to them.

Down in Mount Weather Dr. Tsing is proving to be the biggest threat to the 47. She is taking science to a new level as she seems like she will do absolutely anything in order to get her people the ability to live on the outside. Apparently after 100 years, they don’t have the patience to wait a bit longer. Instead, she would rather kill the kids to get them on the surface within a month, than find another way to not kill them. It’s quite a brutal and needy mindset that she possess. Her willingness to let the 47 die is harsh and cruel to the point that even Cage isn’t positive that it’s the best idea.

The 100 - "Long Into an Abyss"Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke are proving to be thick as thieves as they went out to try to save Lincoln in the midst of everything going on in the camp. They are doing their best to figure out what is wrong with Lincoln. Thankfully, Clarke seems to figure out that he’s actually dosed up on something, though at first she doesn’t quite realize that his foaming is likely his withdrawal. She also realized that it was treatable and could act as leverage for them to use with the grounders. If they could bring a reaper back from the brink of what they became, they have the ability to eliminate the reaper threat entirely.

The only problem is they are on a time limit. The grounders will attack and the people will die. Jaha is dead set on getting their people out of there. His experience with the grounders has rattled him to the core. And that experience seemed to change Jaha as he became a far more threatening man. Despite Jaha’s urging to leave, Abby wouldn’t give the order. The power struggle between the two was amusing as you saw a breaking man against a woman who has acted foolishly in the past. Abby was always reluctant to pull out of their location, but she put her faith in Clarke’s plan for a negotiation. Thankfully it worked out in the end with a truce successfully in place, but the Commander called for Finn’s head.

What did you think of the episode?

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