Constantine – “The Saint of Last Resorts” Review

This week marked the introduction of Ann Marie, yet another person who was present for the events in Liverpool with Astra. Ann Marie however, lacks much of the flair of life that Gary had. Instead, Ann Marie comes off as stiff and unlikeable, cold and accusing, worst of all dull and boring. She may be a sister, but that doesn’t mean she has uninteresting. Her grudge and reasoning is all valid, but it’s not enough for any more. Week after week we see some acquaintance old or new complain about John and his behavior. People don’t like him, I get it. The real problem is as much as they keep trying to reaffirm that John’s character is questionable, he’s still the most likeable, engaging, and interesting on the character. Thus, they can tell me I shouldn’t like him, but I do.

Constantine - "The Saint of Last Resorts"Ann Marie summons John to Mexico City were a brand new mother was killed and her baby stolen. It turned out that the creature that took the baby was actually one of Eve’s sisters who’d resigned her life to evil rather than serve god. The sister was targeting the family as the second baby that was taking was actually the man’s granddaughter. Lilith was masquerading as one of the sisters in the convent. La Bruharia was after the family, targeting them and chasing them down.

Seriously, John goes to Mexico and doesn’t bring the Spanish speaker. Yes, they made some jokes about it, but it didn’t make sense even with John’s reasons. It is strange that this show is always putting up these very blatant unnecessary hurtles for John to overcome. Ultimately, it wasn’t necessary that Zed tag along with them, but it was yet another time when the whole team was separated. I’m forced to wonder quite how vital they all are to their team.

Constantine - "The Saint of Last Resorts"That said, Zed did have her own little story play out even further. The man that is out to set Zed up is still pursuing her. However, Zed is not easily deceived because of her ability. She’s able to suss out hat he’s up to know good and take him down. He knew of her past, calling her Mary, and that was something that she just couldn’t stand. He however brought back up with him, but Zed was at home in a place she knew how to manipulate. Unfortunately, the fight sequence felt unnatural and not quite as entertaining as it could be. Zed was smart in how she used the dumbwaiter and the strange hall she’d found earlier.

What did you think of the episode?


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