How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the FPS

I grew up playing video games. The first console I played on was a Sega Genesis and I remember playing Bubsy again and again. It was great. I’d go for hours. Over the years I would always come back to games. I almost never finished them. Heck, now that I think of it, I sucked so terribly that for the most part most games I never even hit the midway point before stopping with it. However, when I picked up games again in 2010 I changed completely. I played games with a fervor and if I bought it there was a 95% chance I would finish it (once I started). Thing was I wouldn’t touch a FPS game for the life of me.

FPS are like a club subsect of gaming. Pople that play FPSs for the most part seemed like this group of people who were playing at a very different level a level that just didn’t comprehend in my brain. The fact that my boyfriend tried to get me playing a multiplayer match of Halo that resulted pretty much miserably, I officially counted FPSs off again. It was bad. Not until I decided that I couldn’t not pass up playing Bioshock Infinite that I dove into the waters of an FPS. This time it stuck.

I had so much fun with Bioshock Infinite and didn’t repeatedly die miserably. Instead, I got a hang of the camera control and I enjoyed an FPS. Don’t get me wrong, I still wallow in how unfun competitive multiplayer is. However, I have come to really enjoy a FPS. I went from Bioshock Infinite, to Destiny, and now I’m trying my hand at Wolfenstein: The New Order. No, I’m not particularly great at these games, but I can get through the story or events with no real issue. As a result, I’m able to enjoy a new kind of story that I wasn’t able to previously and that is a great thing for a gamer, especially now. With far fewer first party games coming out, it allows me to sample a larger section of games.

Now that first person shooters are no longer the bane of my existence, I can now enjoy them and all the games that fall under that umbrella both good and bad. I’m currently in an era of exploration in the realm of FPS and I’m reveling in the options, yet also noticing that like any genre of game it has it’s upsides and it’s faults.

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