American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Orphans” Review

For what seems like the first time all season, someone died of natural causes. Yes, Salty, Pepper’s companion and fellow pinhead died in his sleep. The opening of Pepper so overwrought with sadness that she didn’t want to leave his dead body was sad. That however didn’t mean that Stanley wasn’t going to take advantage of the death of Salty. As expected from that scum of a man, he chopped off Salty’s head and prepared it for yet another display.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - OrphansWe were treated with Pepper’s story, which also doubled as how Elsa put together a troop of freaks. Pepper was her first recruit and quickly proved herself as an asset. From there they grew, with the next major edition being Ma Petite. We watched as Elsa lured Ma Petite to her troop by trading the Maharajah 3 cases of Doctor Pepper for her. However, Ma Petite was no more than a doll for Pepper to keep her happy. Pepper wasn’t content though until Elsa eventually got Salty. From then on Pepper was happy and content.

Elsa had Pepper back with her sister. However, her sister is the epitome of an awful person. She had a baby with special needs who they forced to take care of the baby as she had to fetch her sister drinks. Pepper took on all the responsibility, while her sister and husband maintained their awfulness. Heck, they didn’t even care that the baby had needs or that Pepper did her best to care on her own. It was painful to watch them. It was even more painful to watch the pair of them scheme to get rid of the baby and Pepper. They set Pepper up and sent her off to the asylum. Pepper had been so happy too, caring for the baby.

With Jimmy out of the picture, Maggie finally had the breakdown that has been brewing since she arrived. Maggie even went so far as to confess to Desiree that she was nothing but a fake. She told her about how she was brought up and how she came o work with Stanley. However, Desiree wasn’t buying the bullshit of what she claimed the scheming duo was up to. She knows something is up in the freak show. Maggie needs Desiree’s help to get them all out of danger before Stanley ends up killing them all. Her way of having some sort of bac up was bringing Desiree to the showcase museum. There they saw the various body parts of some of the deceased carnival folks. Maggie fainted dead upon seeing Jimmy’s hands.

What did you think of the episode?

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