The 100 – “Spacewalker” Review

The 100 - "Spacewalker"The 100 has been an interesting show since it began airing. It’s been unafraid to tackle dark material that tends to be heavily avoided when it comes to network TV. This week was no exception as we saw that Finn was facing his life or death sentence. The grounders want Finn dead for his crimes and seem to be willing to accept no less. The grounders will kill Finn for his crimes or the commander will die for being weak and allowing him to live. The only other solution that they seemed to be able to think of was to put Finn on trial themselves. It’s a difficult thing that they are all facing. To be tempted to lose the lives of them all to the lives of all their people or the life of Finn who isn’t an innocent after what he did. It was his actions that brought this upon them and he does need to pay for his actions because people died because of him.

This week we got a bit of flashbacks as we saw an early relationship between Finn and Raven. We learned why Raven was in her position and what Finn had tried to do for her to make up fro her not being able to spacewalk. It was his desire to allow her to walk that managed to keep her out of trouble. Raven would have been floated for being caught out there. However, Finn would just be locked up. It was his plan and he felt the need to protect her.

The 100 - "Spacewalker"This concept of the two protecting each other at extreme costs was brought up again in the present now that Finn’s life was on the line. Raven was willing to do anything, even have Murphy exchanged in Finn’s place. Raven was ready to shoot him to let a person innocent of the slaughter go down for Finn’s crime. Murphy may not be a stand up person all the time. However, he’s proven that he isn’t the type of nasty that they want to string him up for. Murphy tried to stop Finn. Murphy has been doing everything he possibly can to prove that he isn’t quite as nasty as before. He was scared alone and acted in his best interest of survival, but never betrayed the others. Raven wasn’t willing to stop just there. She armed Clarke with a hidden weapon and let her walked into a swarm of zombies to attempt to convince the commander to let Finn go. I get the debt that Raven feels for Finn who saved her life.

In an emotional turn of events, Clarke who knew that there could be nothing else done to prevent Finn’s death, Clarke took it upon herself to kill him rather than let him die by the grounders. Rather than kill the Commander, she said her goodbye to Finn and drove the night into his chest.

What did you think of the midseason finale.

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