2015 Writing and Reading Goals

2015 has past and we are now two days into the new year. So far it is off to a decent start, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a set of goals to accomplish for the coming months. Let’s note that these are not resolutions, resolutions don’t get you very far due to their flimsy nature. Rather, these are goals, thus indicating that there isn’t just an end game, but also a planned path to reach said goal. Goal also implies the intent to reach, rather than a need to accomplish to be successful. While I may not meet a goal as long as I’ve worked through my plan, I can still got a bit closer to my goal.

2015 Goals


Read 100 books.
Yes, my goal is to get to 100 books for the year. The count toward this includes novels, individual graphic novels, or entire manga series will be 1. It is a very high number especially considering I often take a week to two weeks on a book. However, I can also binge and finish a book in a couple of days.

Read at least 15 new books
By new books I am talking about books that were released from September 2014 through the end of 2015. That is a good number of new books and I would be thrilled to exceed that number. However, I also need to be realistic, and getting to that many brand spanking new and as of yet unreleased books may not be as reasonable as I think


Write short story a month
This goal is rather straight forward. I want to increase my ability to write stories of different lengths. Naturally, I think long form. In order to expand my horizons the idea of writing one short story of varying lengths a month, I should be able to work on this skill. Not only that, but it will allow for more opportunities to get various works out there.

Start my serial story
Yes, I said it. I’ve been seriously contemplating a long form story. I’m not talking a novel, which has a beginning, middle, end, and is then over. I’m talking about a story that flows from one conflict to the next. Arcs that have beginning, middles and ends, but intersect and carry from one arc to the next. No end in sight as of yet, but ends of arcs and storylines. It’s something that really interests me. I’m currently in the process of determining where the story will be hosted. Potentially here, potentially elsewhere. However, At the end of the day, the goal is to have a story that flows.

Complete 3 first drafts
Another straight forward goal. This year I am go complete 3 first drafts. 3 separate stories. That equates to 1 every four months. My love of math, symmetry, and spacing makes me want to space them out. This will inevitably mean I will write a novel in March, July, and November. It should be fun.

Edit 3 novels to submission level
This is the one goal that I will not let myself down on. I can’t control snagging an agent or a deal. I can control the progress I make with my work. This year I’m going to query every week for the whole year starting Feb 1st.

What are your goals for 2015

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