Sleepy Hollow – “Paradise Lost” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Paradise Lost"There was something odd about the pacing of this episode. The episode began with everyone awaking from what happened after Henry sacrificed himself to take out Molloch. They acknowledged that Henry was missing, then it immediately jumped forward six weeks. No sooner than we settled in to the present, we were flashing back. Now, I don’t have a problem with flashbacks and flashforwards, but the construction this time left me uncertain as to what point of the story we were at. It felt disjointed and that’s something I don’t expect from Sleepy Hollow. I’ve come to expect a certain level of coherency, even if it takes time to piece it together.

Despite the back and forth and the confusion it brought, there were also some interesting character moments as always. Seeing Abbie and and Crane bond as Crane is still acclimating to our world. It seems his separation from Katrina has left him in a place where he understands, but can not accept her actions. As such, Crane has reached a point where he acknowledges that it is time for him to move forward. Even if that means getting a job and his own car. It’s amazing that two seasons in they have been able to keep up the ease and banter between the two. This is in large part because of the chemistry, but also because the characters continue to challenge each other.

Sleepy Hollow - "Paradise Lost"This week, we met our first angel, Orion. He had been a captor of Molloch and managed to escape from purgatory. Orion is now on a mission to end all of evil that is still streaming the Earth. Orion is interesting. The portrayal of Orion took an interesting, but well trod one. He was a warrior and a bit aloof. However, he wasn’t emotionless. He also offered a much different look at this war, bringing a perspective that left Abbie curious to hear his answers.

Katrina has developed an affinity for Abraham and is willing to do anything to help save the man he once was. However, when she realized that Orion was going to kill Abraham for what he did to him, she set him free. Katrina’s actions are tearing apart her already shattered marriage and pitting Abbie against Crane. Her actions are foolish despite Orion’s presence. Abraham has proven himself dangerous time and time again. While Abraham is scourge and dangerous and must be stopped, Orion is just as dangerous. He is out to fix things, but he has no problem bringing about casualties. As Crane had noted, Orion’s presence often resulted in terrible catastrophe’s. This would have been no different, so they saved Abraham just to destroy Orion’s disaster spawning blade.

What did you think of the episode?

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