American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Magical Thinking” Review

American Horro Story: Freak Show - "Magical Thinking"At least Stanley didn’t kill Jimmy like he did the others. Then again all he needed was hands so leaving him alive wasn’t something out of reason. Even if Jimmy chose to rat on him, who would believe a man accused of a mass murder. Jimmy wasn’t left to just rot in the hospital after his hands were removed. Instead, Dell came to visit his son, allowing for them to have a bit of bonding time. This drove Dell to team up with Amazon Eve before Jimmy was shipped back to the prison handless. Unfortunately, the turn Jimmy’s character took before his arrest took away much of the good feelings that we had for him earlier in the season. Honestly, at this point, Jimmy’s  fate leaves me indifferent. While he doesn’t deserve an awful end like some of the others may, he also reached a level where he wasn’t redeemable.

It’s nice to see that after a season of being at odds with each other, Bette and Dot are finally settling in. They understand each other and are getting along better than ever. Their personalities are still very different, but their goals are finally in line. Their latest endeavor is to try to bed the right person that both of them would like. While Toulouse was quickly passed on, they set their eyes on Chester. he had the appeal and that meant he became their new target. However, his interest in them was more related to his desire to person his saw trick.

American Horro Story: Freak Show - "Magical Thinking"This week was also the introduction of Chester, played by Neil Patrick Harris, the traveling salesmen with ptsd and chameleons for sale. Anyone who knows anything about Neil Patrick Harris knows that he dabbles with magic. He was right at home with his little magic act. However it wasn’t until Chester began talking to his ventriloquist doll like she was a real person that he started to feel off. The fact that they chose to have Jamie Brewer voice the doll was a nice touch. it made Chester feel even more unhinged. The further we got into the episode we saw more of how perverse he was. It was strange, but far from horror. He saw his Marjorie, a doll, as a real person. Slowly we saw her as he saw her. We learned more of his past and how it was supposedly Marjorie who killed the women Chester was living with. He was unhinged and that insanity was fostered by Dandy. Somehow Dandy managed to plant the seed in Chester’s head that Marjorie wanted the twins killed.

What did you think of the episode?

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