Marvel Cinematic Universe TV

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with just Iron Man. It as a an attempt by a fledgling studio to break into the movie business where they could control their own property. No one knew if it was going to be successful. No one knew if it would be repeatable. However, it was and from that we saw the birth of the marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus far we have 10 movies in the marvel cinematic universe. However, it’s the two, almost three TV shows that are now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD Season 2In late 2013, Agents of SHIELD premiered on ABC. It came with a bang, but quickly fizzled to moderate hit success. However, Agents of SHIELD will forever be Marvel’s first TV show. It struggled to find it’s feet, but by the end of season 1 it had reached a good place for the show. Most importantly, Agents of SHIELD was the first proof of concept that they could do a TV show. It may not have been perfect, but it wasn’t overtly bad either. More importantly Agents of SHIELD acts as both a vehicle and a glove for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Much like Damage Control in the comics, SHIELD is very much like the largely unseen backbone in the Marvel Universe. It is SHIELD that swoops in to clean up the messes left behind from the events of the movie. Agents of SHIELD, for the most part (until the HYDRA reveal) would have been nothing more than easter eggs in the movie. This season took SHIELD from the clean up crew to the people silently ushering in new material for the next phase. It is in Agents of SHIELD that the inhumans and also likely the Kree will be fleshed out. This is all to pave way for what will in the future be Captain Marvel and Inhumans movies. Agents of SHIELD thus is finally playing a bigger role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than just being reactionary.

Agent Carter

After SHIELD’s success, ABC decided to go into business with Marvel again. Agent Carter was spawned off Marvel One shot about the character. The show is a period piece. It’s a spy show. It’s very separate from what Marvel is about in the Superhero sense. Peggy Carter is a bold ballsy character and it’s refreshing to see her in the role. However, Agent Carter could very easily be a captivating show. It’s down side is it’s network. A period spy drama doesn’t seem to be the sort of fare that the female skewing ABC audience would really clamor for. I can’t shake the feeling that Agent Carter would be more successful on a non-network TV setting. Unlike Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter isn’t going to drastically change the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Peggy Carter’s story is already in the past and we partially know how that turned out. What Agent Carter can do is lay an older framework that will make the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feel more stable. Establishing the original Jarvis, who will then impact Tony Stark, who will then create the AI Jarvis, who then becomes Vision. Agent Carter is able to lay the ground work of the real man, but we can feel those threads through to the present.



Daredevil premieres on Netflix 4/10/15

Daredevil has wrapped production. From what I’ve heard, they are plowing their way through editing the 13 episode series due to air on Netflix on April 10th. We don’t know much about what the show entails, but we know that it is the first show that is on the Netflix model. It’s finally here and there is no doubt that the expectations will be high. While it will be interesting to see if Daredevil is able to perform better than its network counterparts, we’ll never be privy to that information. The real judge will be if we see a second season announced for the show. Being on Netflix will allow the show to be a bit more free since it doesn’t need to conform to network standards. Also the shorter format is often prone to produce tighter and as a result better seasons. Hopefully Daredevil will usher in a new age of Marvel Cinematic Universe TV. However, since his character is tied to The Defenders rather than The Avengers it will be interesting to see how exactly it impacts the universe.

Future Projects

When the deal for Daredevil was struck, it was done in conjuction with AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Jessica Jones has already been cast as Krysten Ritter and Luke Cage has been confirmed as Michael Coulter. That only leaves Iron Fist aka Danny Rand to be cast. Jessica Jones will be the next show to roll out followed by Luke Cage. It’s expected that Luke Cage will play a role in Jessica Jones’ show, considering in the comics they have a kid together who is often babysat by Squirrel Girl. Similarly, I would be more surprised than anything if Danny doesn’t make an appearance on Luke Cage due to their friendship.

What Marvel shows would you like to see created?

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