American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Show Stoppers” Review

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Show Stoppers"Stanley isn’t an idiot. It was good that he quickly realized that he was being set up. They wanted him dead. They wanted him punished for hurting their friends and they were going to do so by playing with Stanley. They played with him teasing a feature and picking at what they knew to be true. The realization came too late for Stanley as they revealed that Maggie and Desiree had killed his patron at the museum. Stanley had already been backed into a corner. When he was surrounded as he ran out the tent we knew he was done, but we didn’t see what happened to him. It wasn’t until the very end that we saw he was made into Meep 2.0.

Jimmy is being a total dipshit. At this point, the audience gets that he lost his hands. The audience understands that it must be incredibly painful to learn that the man he thought would help duped him in exchange for his hands. The audience also understands that Maggie played her role in losing his hands. Maggie doesn’t deserve total forgiveness. She does deserve the right to being to make amends. Jimmy is angry we get that, but Jimmy has been nothing but angry and foolish for the latter half of the season and it’s growing tiresome. Why Jimmy seems to take such umbrage with Maggie changing his bandages, when the others seem to be on a path to forgiveness is a bit petty. Her changing his bandages is the least that she could do.

This week also saw the return of Elsa’s past. In order to fit Jimmy with new hands, she brought in the man who fitted Elsa with her legs. I’ll admit. I’m not fully sure even still, how Elsa is lumped wit the freaks when she’s merely an amputee. However, her past was essential in providing Jimmy what he needed to begin to move forward.

The rest of the company is finally growing weary of Elsa. They know that she is trouble ad likely killed Ethel. They suspect her, but much of the tension is lost thanks to the Pepper episode from a few back. We already know that Elsa makes it to the stage. Thus she doesn’t die and her act goes on. The fact that we already know this drains some of the tension in regard to her fate.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Show Stoppers"Chester continued down his deranged path. He seems incapable of reconciling his imagination with reality. When that is combined with his violent tendencies he becomes extremely dangerous. Bette and Dot realized this, opting out when he insisted they go in the box. In Maggie’s attempt to continue to make amends she offers herself to get in the box. As we watch Chester hallucinate it becomes glaringly obvious that Maggie was going to be sawed in half from the moment she volunteered. Chester made good on that leaving the freaks in awe and Maggie’s guts spilling out of the box onto the stage. However it wasn’t Maggie’s death that broke him, it was Marjorie. He killed her and that was enough to wipe him from the show in a fit of tears and delusion.

Dandy has been largely pushed to the side in the last few episodes. His violent tendencies that had become a highlight in midseason were drowned in the background. Instead he was playing games with the mind. Heck, Elsa even decided to finally sell the show to Dandy. It’s actually rather disappointing that Dandy has toned down so much as he was one of the highlights.

What did you think of the episode?

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