Where Do You Get Your Inspiration

Every so often you need to force yourself to sit down and write something before you feel the full inspiration to do so. Sometimes you need to write it before you are ready and that requires the ability to find inspiration from different places.

People find inspiration in a all different ways. However, the one thing that can’t be denied is that the more you expose yourself to new things and to the world, the more material can be generated. That means going new places, seeing new environments, meeting new people. It means putting yourself into familiar circumstances. It can even mean taking a normal situation and making something different.

For me, I am particularly influenced and inspired by consuming more media. As my boyfriend would attest, I am a media sponge. I watch more movies and TV, play more video games, and read more books than most people do any one of those things. All of those things contribute to my perception of the world. It all keeps me interested. More importantly, it keeps me thinking about the world around me and what people find interesting. When something pulls at my heart I try to figure out why. I dissect things and that is what gives me ideas for my stories.

What inspires you?

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