12 Monkeys – “Splinter” Series Premiere Review

12 Monkeys - "Splinter"12 Monkeys is a production of what was once a movie. However, before 12 Monkeys the movie there was the french short film La Jetee. Most people only think of 12 Monkeys, but every time that I think of it, I don’t think of the movie, but the original short that rattled me to the bone and left me in tears. If you have 28¬†minutes to spare, I would highly suggest that you go check out La Jetee. Once you have, get your but right back to watching Syfy as 12 Monkeys is so far presenting itself as a very solid TV show.

Cole is traveling through time, reaching out to Dr. Cassandra Railly to help them find Leland Frost and stop the plague. One thing that some shows don’t always make abundantly clear is the goal of the show. 12 Monkeys immediately establishes that Cole is being used as a pawn to help stop the plague that devastated the Earth’s population. Cole was made to make the journey to the past. He splintered and now must accomplish his goal, knowing that he will cease to exist as he does if he’s successful.

12 Monkeys - "Splinter"One of the most exciting things about the show was the strong chemistry between Aaron Standford’s Cole and Amanda Schull’s Cassandra. The two feel natural on screen together. Since the two seem to be a duo that chemistry is extremely important. Part of that is due to how genuine Cole comes across. He isn’t just intense in his desire and drive to stop the plague. He’s also heartfelt. You believe that he is thoroughly enjoying the little things he never had in the future. He’s stammering and sweet in his awkward moments. More interestingly, there is an honesty to him that comes from his upbringing being very different. Cassandra on the other hand is often concerned and caring. Since this relationship is clearly going to be a pivotal part of the show, it’s great that it already feels so good to watch.

What was interesting was that while Cole is the time traveler from the future, he was not in control. The world was in flux. Cole has a desire to fix things, but he is on as much of a goose chase as everyone else. Cole’s only advantage is that he knows what happens in the future even if he isn’t sure how it got that way for him to stop it. However, when Cole killed Leland like it was his goal, he the paradox never righted itself. Cole was still there rather than wiping himself from the past as it was rewritten. That simply means that things have now changed in the future, but his mission remained exactly the same. Instead, we were introduced to the army of the 12 Monkeys who clearly have much to do with what was happening.

12 Monkeys - "Splinter"One of the more interesting elements of the show is the fact that it swings between past and present. Rather than being only set in one period or the other we’re forced to see both sides of everything. It is quite interesting to see the future so far, but I’ll be looking forward to getting outside of the workspace they’ve been in. However by presenting both sides we get to watch how things are crafted and how they characters work together to help the future. Considering we’ve only met a portion of a cast, it will be fun to see how that develops as well. As it stands currently, 12 Monkeys is proving to be a very interesting show with promise.

What did you think of the episode?


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