Constantine – “The Saint of Last Resorts – Part 2” Review

Constantine - "The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2"John’s decision to take in the demon to save himself seriously pissed of Manny to the point that he chose not to help a dying Constantine when he could. John’s choice to let the demon in meant that he only had a short amount of time before the demon took full control of John. Whereas John thought it would take a few days before the demon was in control, the demon desperate to keep its new host was able to push through and take control early.

Thus in one rather swift opening, we went from John dying and ed captured to John alive, but very much possessed, Manny pissed, and Zed free from her captors and on her way down to help out Chas. However, John ended up in prison for what the demon did with his body. Zed and Chas had to team up to confront Ann Marie. They needed to stop the Bruharia, get John out, and cast out the demon king in him. It’s a tough thing to do, but after convincing Ann Marie that he was worth a damn in the eyes of angels, maybe she shouldn’t have been casting stones and damning John.

Constantine - "The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2"Eventually the goal shifted from getting to John to actually getting the demon out of him. Numerous attempts failed as they tried to cast the demon out. Unfortunately, the demon had dug its way too deep. Soon the very position John was in hinged on Ann Marie. It was rather fitting that it came down to Ann Marie. She put him inot a position where he had to do the extreme to survive. Despite this, Jon never seemed angry at Ann Marie. She had to accept her part in it, she had to believe that John was more than just the crummy man she once knew. If it wasn’t for her, John would have died and the demon would have been truly free. Ann Marie believed and as a result, John got to live. The world was righted.

One of the best things this episode did in it’s return was flesh out Chas. Sure, we still don’t know how Chas is able to come back to life or much about him. This episode we really got to see him get really involved wth the plot. I’m also fairly certain that he said more in this one episode than the first five episodes combined. Honestly, I’m liking what I’m seeing when it comes to him as well. he’s proving to be more than just a stoic yes man. He’s wlling to be silly and is fiercly loyal. It’ sad that in one episode, he’s quickly become a more interesting than Zed.

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