Helix – “San Jose” Season Premiere Review

Helix - "San Jose"Helix is back for a new season of diseases and crazy people. It was strangely reminiscent as Peter Farragut questioned Sarah about if the eerie feeling he felt was the same as it was at Arctic Biosystems. While last season the disease spreading made it’s victims seem like zombies, this season features a disease that makes the infected look like clickers from The Last of Us. Again a team of scientists, namely Sarah Jordan and Peter Farragut leading a mission to check for what they thought was a Narvik outbreak. So out of the Arctic and onto the island our characters went.

On the island, they found one survivor among the dead infected named Leila. She was extremely prone to being spooked and running off. She saw things, fleeting things that seemed to scare her out of her wits. It made her utterly useless and an irritating to deal with. Thankfully, we had other more solid and even keeled characters that were capable of containing the crazy. She did at least spot the mini field of skulls before she ran off, leading the familiar team to the cabin Julia was in. Unfortunately it was 30 years too late. In fact, that pulled one of the more interesting twists the show offered in the first episode.

Helix - "San Jose"Coincidentally on the very same island was Dr. Julia Walker. However, within moments of her appearance on the show, she was captured by a man who kept asking about San Jose. He was quite annoying and his quirky questioning and mask wearing grew wearisome. Her captor was instead curious as to why an immortal would care about curing the mortal. Apparently the disease that Sarah encountered in her time was only the beginning and it’s begun to kill the immortals too. Thus in one fell swoop, Julia is grounded again with mortality and something to lose. However, were Sarah, Peter, and Kyle are dealing with this fungal like disease in present, Julia is trying to figure out how it started back then in the future.

The island in the present is home to an order of people who both fear and know how to survive the strange disease on their island. Sara, Peter, and Kyle were brought to this compound of fearful people for their safety. However, they are questioned as though they are criminals. The people inside live a very different life, cut off from the world. At the compound they met Brother Michael, a strange man with an air of danger to him. Despite, the doctors only having good intentions, Brother Michael made it clear that their aid was not needed and was only to be a suggestion. Brother Michael is clearly in charge and sick things are happening in the darkest corners of the abbey.

What did you think of the episode?

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