Gotham – “What the Little Bird Told Him” Review

Gotham - "What the Little Bird Told Him"As this show progresses Jim is revealing his biggest flaw. Unlike other characters who have more tangible flaws, Jim exhibits one of the most classic and easily missed flaws. Pride. Jim is so full of himself and his abilities that he throws reason to the wind to take a stand. The major difference between Jim and other prideful characters, Jim is stil good. He knows he’s good enough. He knows that people need him. Thankfully, he wants to help the people of Gotham. However, Jim is desperate to get back on the force and that means sucking up to people who may not quite believe in him enough to make any difference. Jim manages to swing a deal with the Commisoner who blames the situation at Arkham on Jim.

This move didn’t just get Jim out of the asylum and back into the GCPD, but it also motivated Bullock to work or he’d be back in Arkham with Jim. I’ll be honest, I believed that Jim would be stuck at Arkham for longer than he was. That said, considering last week’s episode felt like one of the weaker episodes in regard to character behavior, I was glad we got out of there.

Gotham - "What the Little Bird Told Him"Liza is in deep with Falcone. Very deep. Unfortunately it seems that she has come to care for Falcone as he does for her. The problem is Fish sees this as doing Falcone a favor. That is what makes her dangerous because she is willing to do anything not just to benefit her, but also what she thinks is best. On the other side of the equation is Falcone who is actually willing to go along with the plan to send him off to the countryside. He’s smart enough to know that things won’t necessarily be so easy. A side benefit was that we got to see more of Zsasz. He lead the final assault, but it was Falcone himself who ended Liza.

When this show first started, it was abundantly clear that Cobblepot was the real shining star of the show. He dominated the scenes he was in delivering a stellar performance. Even lines that were positively corny seemed entirely natural coming from him. However, after the big real of the role he was really playing with all the trouble going on, I expected more of him than less. Instead what we’ve got is less and less of Cobblepot. He’s begun to slip and display less and less of the confidence and swagger. He was more pawn than manipulator. In some ways this was likely the writers to try to prevent Cobblepot from getting too big too quickly, but it was still disappointing to see him begin to fumble so much.

Gotham - "What the Little Bird Told Him"As for the Electocutioner it was just as bland as the previous episode. Considering we’ve had two episodes now to deal with the antics and chaos associated with him, we still didn’t get any depth in his character. We’ve seen more of him than Zsasz, yet Zsasz has a more defined personality already. It was also a bit anti climatic to see the Electrocutioner taken down so easily. Yet, the way he was stopped made perfect sense. So much sense, that you wonder how he hadn’t been stopped already. The villains on this show really need some work. On the plus side, the long standing antagonists on the show are executed much better.

And I have to ask, did we really need the scene with Barbara?


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