Sleepy Hollow -“Pittura Infamente” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Pittura Infamante"Crane’s going on a date! It was cute as Abbie helped Crane get ready in his business casual (a concept he didn’t know well). This also meant that we were forced to endure more time with Katrina. Even worse, we had to watch the two attempting to rekindle their flame. It was a vast jump in their relationship considering the nasty terms they were at when we last saw them. Katrina had essentially betrayed them and now the two of them are going on a date. I’m failing to see where that jump was made to put together if only so they can work to some sort of resolution regarding their relationship.

Mid date the art restorer that Crane was friends with turned up dead and bloody. Given that the Captain had already come to accept that Crane is useful on the historical cases, he was kept on site to assist. That meant we didn’t get our normal Crane and Abbie pair, but Crane and Katrina. Unfortunately this was the main arch in the episode and we had to spend more time than usual with Katrina. While she is a useful character around, she isn’t enjoyable.

Sleepy Hollow - "Pittura Infamante"We didn’t hesitate to find out what was going on with Frank Irving as he was returned to the police station. He was just as dirty as we saw him previously, but it got even more interesting. Irving didn’t even remember the fight he had with the horseman. From the moment he picked up the sword he couldn’t remember anything. Based on how Abbie has behaved in the past, her shutting out Irving because he might be dangerous or at least a sign of death’s return is not like her. Previously she would have clamored for her loved ones. More recently, she would have fought to find a way to save them. However, with Irving she didn’t even give him a shot, writing him off immediately.

Heck, Abbie even got to a point where she acknowledged that she wanted to trust Irving and made Jenny get some undead bullets. Not even that was enough as what Irving needed was an examination of his soul. Just when it seemed that Katrina was going to be the lynchpin and savior of the episode, Abbie saved the day. It’s good to see that even as Abbie is getting colder, she’s still an important part of the team. Unfortunately, I think the evolution of Abbie’s character into one that is slowly becoming less likeable is to make Katrina more likeable.

What did you think of the episode?

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