The Originals – “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire” Review

The Originals - "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire"Finn and Mikael are a dangerous pair. When Finn worked with his mother, they attacked slowly. They were manipulative. The goal was to get people to try to come to their way of thinking. Now that Finn is working with Mikael, they are utilizing more upfront tactics. Finn locked all the vampires and wolves together as they were trying to broker a truce. If locking to two species together wasn’t enough, he started messing with the vampires making them hunger for blood that was in the wolves blood. Finn wants them all dead. He wants all supernaturals gone.

One of the things that bothered me about the episode was the stupidity that was involved with their attempts to escape. Kol presented a way that they could potentially get out. By causing a sort of explosion, they would destroy the compound as a magical object keeping them in.  60 seconds to get out. The problem was the vampires would try to start killing before nightfall. While the vampires may not have been able to get out, the werewolves would thus avoiding the conflict. It seems like a logical answer, yet it was ignored until the actual execution

One of the great things about Hayley and Klaus is despite them not loving each other they get along. Sure, they butt heads like anyone does with Klaus. However, there is an understanding between the two. It’s refreshing to see the two together because they often don’t have a vendetta against each other and jut work with each other. Hayley has flitted from man to man, but it’s only now that she’s settling with Jackson. It’s just unfortunate to know that she loves Elijah, but has to learn how to love Jackson.

The Originals - "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire"As for Elijah, he’s broken even if he won’t admit it. He’s craving and impulsive. He’s a walking danger to everyone around him. He’s now been locked up together with Cammy as they protect Hope. Elijah may claim that he’s okay, but it’s nice to see that Cammy realizes how dangerous he is.

Rebekah is currently locked in another girls body. However, that body is trapped in a supernatural asylum for witches. It is nice to see Rebekah back in the fold, but it is a shame that it is no longer Claire Holt. The new actress isn’t bad, but lacks the nuance that Holt delivered. Now, Rebekah is either angry or she is perplexed. One plus is Rebekah comes off as a more physical character. Hopefully, we won’t have to see Rebekah toil away in this with asylum for too long.

What did you think of the episode?

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