The Flash – “Revenge of the Rogues” Review

The Flash - "Revenge of the Rogues"Captain Cold is back and he’s leaving a calling card for The Flash along with his partner Heat Wave. Wentworth Miller is again positively wonderful in the role of Leonard Snart. There’s a cunning that lies underneath the surface. He literally plays it cold. While Heatwave is a hothead. Their personalities fit, but that hot cold dynamic also resulted in some very cheesy dialogue that ended up being not the most appealing in the acting department.

Barry however is ignoring the call. As far as his involvement with the case as a professional, he’s done. As for him as The Flash, he feels he doesn’t have time. He feels that he needs to properly train and make sure that he’s strong enough to actually protect the people that he cares most about from a bigger threat, Reverse Flash. It was all whispers from Wells to try to make him stay focused. For a time that worked, but as Captain Cold and Heatwave got closer to threatening people that he cares about on an increasingly higher scale, he was slowly called to action.

The Flash - "Revenge of the Rogues"It truly was Caitlin being abducted by the two villains that pushed Barry over the edge. He’d already promised Joe that he’d stop the two, now he had personal motivation as Catilin’s life was on the line. It was a huge stand off that resulted in the two villains confronting The Flash in the middle of Central City. They were eventually thwarted by Barry tricking the two villains to cross the streams of their guns.

I have to note that it was a big important move to see Eddie save The Flash. If you don’t recall it was only a few episodes ago that Eddie was trying to lead a task force to stop The Flash. He thought he was a menace to the city. Heck he was even justified after Barry attacked him. Then we saw him running out to save a fallen Flash. He protected him. Then he stood right beside The Flash and didn’t make a move to arrest him.

Caitlin is still trying to work on finding out what the deal is with her former fiancee. After hearing him mutter “Firestorm”, she’s been trying to look into what that meant. With a push in the right direction from Barry she found what may be related to what Ronnie was talking about. However, it was 800 pages long, thus Barry stepped in for a speed read. I have to say I would love to have that ability. All the books I could read! In terms of the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. paper it led her to a man who worked with the author Dr. Stein, before he disappeared.

What did you think of the episode?

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