American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Curtain Call” Review

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Curtain Call"The freaks were not taking Dandy’s bullshit when it came to his harassment. It was understandable from their point of view. Dandy walked in all high and mighty with claims of what the show should be and how it should be selling. They struck him down and then quit on him. Now, if they knew that he spent a portion of the season killing people and stitching body parts together, they would have approached it differently. As such, they didn’t and Dandy made his rounds killing every last freak that was still in the camp. He didn’t do it with any of the pinash that he had with his earlier kills. Rather he proved that he was very well suited for a zombie apocalypse with headshots galore. You have to give it to Amazon Eve for almost taking him down. Although considering how she’s taken down others, I was very surprised she couldn’t manage it. In the end, the only people left alive were Bette and Dot, Desiree and Jimmy. One pair from Dandy’s lingering obsession. The other because of luck.

Dandy and Bette finally got their somewhat wish as Dandy arranged for the two to get married. I still don’t quite understand why Bette liked Dandy. It was very clear that he was deranged even if they didn’t get to see his proper madness. That said, it made perfect since that Bette and Dot went along with it like an obedient little girls to finish their act. They proved to be strong in their own right, capable of taking out the threat that ended the lives of so many of their friends. See they didn’t even need to know that it was Dandy that got Jimmy locked up. They had more than enough proof from his massacre. Rather than outright kill him, they let him perform Houdini’s trick.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Curtain Call"Elsa went from waiting in lobbies for Hollywood execs, to suddenly being a star. Heck, she even married the young VP who was kind to her. We didn’t even see Elsa rocketing to fame. Despite her fame and her irritation with the mundane work that comes with it, she still will not perform on Halloween. It really wasn’t quite as compelling to watch Elsa rise to fame or even seeing her life of fame. It isn’t until her life is unraveling due to the unveil of her past sins and the wake of the death of her freaks that she agrees to perform on Halloween. Edward Mordrake’s return was fitting. However, she wasn’t to return to be part of Mordrake’s clan, but to her own ethereal freakshow filled with all her old friends who died. In many ways, it is her own heaven.

All of that said, it was nice seeing that some characters actually did have a happy ending. Learning that Desiree married her real love and had kids was nice, after the heartache she suffered. Also seeing Bette and Dot happy and expecting with Jimmy was a nice touch. Some of those freaks could only go through so much before they needed some sort of peace.

What did you think of the episode?

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