Arrow – “Left Behind” Review

Arrow - "Left Behind"Just because Oliver Queen may be dead and three days have passed that doesn’t mean trouble will stop in Starling City. Even in that brief absence, it appears that Diggle is already picking up the Arrow mantle as he dons the hood and works with Arsenal to take care of criminals in the city. They aren’t perfect, but it’s nice to see that they aren’t crumbling without Oliver. Also, it’s great to see Diggle in a costume (even if he ditched it before the end of the episode), maybe he will pick up his own when this ordeal is over. It was also enjoyable to see Arsenal really be useful in combat. Though I have to wonder what long term effects mirakuru really had on his system because his movements are almost too fluid to be believable for a normal human.

The plot focused heavily on a man who goes by Brick. He was stealing evidence the police was holding on men that Oliver had helped put away. Essentially, he amassed a loyal army in order to take over the Glades again. Vinnie Jones is reveling in the role and his brutality is fitting for his character. However, everything went sideways. All the work the team and Oliver had put in over 8 months was erased in minutes.

While Team Arrow is mostly chugging along, Ray Palmer is still staunchly trying to get his ATOM suit ready for action. IT was Felicity who was the person who put the stops on Ray’s progress. It was in her grief that she tried to talk sense into Ray, but he was having none of it due to her persuasion tactics.

Arrow - "Left Behind"Felicity spent a large part of the episode flitting about being concerned for the men in her life. In regard to Oliver, she adopted the mindset that Oliver was okay. She didn’t want to accept that he was potentially not going to come back. It was her belief that if they kept pushing forward the grim suspicion they had may not be the truth. It wasn’t until Laurel, popped up agreeing that killing Oliver Queen wasn’t so easy, that Felicity began to ease a bit. However, all of this was really a breaking point for Felicity. She couldn’t stand to lose any more of her friends. Watching Diggle and Roy out there fighting and getting hurt was something she wasn’t willing to deal with any more. She was completely done to the point that she walked out on the two. For her the cause means nothing without Oliver.

Even Malcolm’s reappearance to discover and confirm the state of Oliver Queen, couldn’t rattle Felicity. Malcolm was still skulking around the city training Thea. That won’t likely last for long as now the threat still lingers over his head as long as Ra’s Al Ghul is alive.

Arrow - "Left Behind"Throughout the episodes we caught glimpses of a lifeless Oliver. First on the cliffside, then as he was being brought through the snow. As I suspected in The State of Oliver Queen, Maseo is indeed doing something to help Oliver. He brought Oliver to Tatsu. Together Maseo and Tatsu brought Oliver Queen back to life. By the end of the episode we already saw that he was alive again, but how long will he be out of Starling is the big question.

The flashbacks dealt with another ARGUS mission in which Oliver and Maseo carried out a mission. Again, the mission what was important, but the fact they they were to leave behind the quest to find Tatsu. If there was any episode that the flashbacks felt out of place, this was the episode.

Now, I would be remiss not to mention that the end of this episode also saw the beginning Laurel as Black Canary. While, it was abrupt and added on to the end of the episode, it made sense. Last we saw Laurel was very far from being capable of truly handling herself on the streets. Yet, there she is and it will be interesting to see how well she can handle herself. Maybe the cotume will be enough of a confidence booster to make her believe she can do it.

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