The 100 – “Remember Me” Review

The 100 - "Remember Me"Clarke is seriously having it bad now that she’s killed Finn. He is literally haunting her as she has to continue to make tough decisions that will save her people. Unlike her mother, she sees the bigger picture and what needs to be sacrificed. Clarke is having all this weight being placed on her that is almost unfair. There are finally people around who work to make decisions and she is there being the anchor to all her people. All her decisions are effecting the entire village. The result was Clarke losing it. No amount of anyone attempting to console her was going to do anything. Heck, her mother’s appeal may have spiralled her into deeper agony as she also realized that she was more like her mother than she thought.

Clarke’s actions allowed for the continued relationship between them and the grounders. This was not something that many grounders were happy with accepting, but they were left no choice. Things were going well until, a gift of some shady looking alcohol ended up being poisoned. That forced the grounders to lock up the sky people representatives for what was seen as an act to kill their leader. The alliance that in some way justified Finn’s death was crumbling before her because someone wanted it to be over. It was quick thinking that again saved them as they found a way to prove Raven’s and the sky people’s innocence. Clarke drank the ‘poison’ liquor and they realized it was Gustus who had set them up.

The 100 - "Remember Me"The Mount Weather crew was out to send a signal to everyone who had landed. The problem was that there was a jamming signal that was going out. Monty was desperate to try to stop the signal. They didn’t have enough time to stop it so they let it broadcast. Monty needed to get into the main control room. While he was able to accomplish what he needed to by sneaking in in a hazmat suit for rounds, The sky people managed to get the signal from Monty. He was caught though and ended up in the harvest farm we saw earlier in the season. However, the harvest farm he was in was different in that it was special made for the 100.

With news of the signal coming from Mount Weather, Clarke made the decision that she’s moving on. As a result, she’s allowing Bellamy to now go in to Mount Weather. The man on the inside to break everyone out.

What did you think of the episode?

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