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As of late there has been a real uptick of quality science fiction shows on tv both network and cable. That’s really enjoyable when it comes to finding science fiction and fantasy shows that I enjoy. While the Fantasy shows are far more rare, the Science Fiction shows are more prevalent and are growing in number. For years Syfy in particular has lacked some of the more intense science fiction that it used to champion like Battlestar Galactica. Instead, we had softer science fiction that bored more on Fantasy than Science Fiction. As much as I love Haven, Lost Girl, and Being Human they were/are not the kind of shows that would be classified as science fiction. As of late Syfy has been touting a return to form in regard to their programming. Z Nation may not make the cut, but their new features and shows like Ascension, 12 Monkey, and Expanse certainly fit the bill.

What all of this means for fans of Science Fiction is more shows that we can latch onto. Good Science Fiction on TV can be hard to come by, but with an expanding slate of shows. Today, I’m going to use this time to talk about some current, upcoming, and recent past Science Fiction shows that might be worth you checking out.

12 Monkeys Season 112 Monkeys

Status: Currently on Air (season 1)
Channel: Syfy
The Gist: 12 Monkeys is a new version of the movie 12 Monkeys which was based off La Jetee. The future is screwed. The population has been decimated and left in ruins. A crew of people who discovered how to go back in time send James Cole back to stop the virus that destroyed the future from getting out.
Is it worth it? So far yes. Only one episode aired, but two have been released (temporarily). From what I’ve seen it is an enjoyable show so far. The dynamic between the two leads is outstanding. It’s also interesting seeing both timelines and how the story will unfold. It’s still early so I can’t give you an emphatic, “you can’t miss this,” but I can say I like it.
Recommended for: If you enjoy time travel. If you enjoy mysteries.

the100s02x01The 100

Status: Currently on Air (season 2)
Channel: The CW. – Wednesdays at 9/8c
The Gist: The 100 is about a group of 100 arrested kids who lived on a space station called the Ark. With the Ark losing air, officials decided to seen the child prisoners down to Earth to see if it was livable. The story follows the events of what happens to these people as they encounter the grounders who survived the nuclear holocaust that stranded those from the Ark in space.
Is it worth it? Yes. Emphatically yes. The 100 is not afraid to be cookie cutter and nice. People die and there is no pleasantries about it. Life on Earth is brutal now and surviving the people still alive is proving to be more difficult than they likely would have expected. I do need to warn you that the show may seem ridiculous at first and poorly acted. It smooths out. Many people note that if you can get through the first 3-5 episodes then you are in the clear. Personally, I think the show comes into it’s own in episode 6. That’s a lot of episodes to wait for it to get good, but it is worth it.
Recommended for: If you enjoy post apocalyptic worlds. If you enjoy brutal future worlds. If you enjoy warring cultures.
You can watch season 1 now on Netflix.

PilotAlmost Human

Status: Canceled
Channel: FOX
The Gist: In a near future where it is mandatory for cops to have an android partner, a particularly anti-android cop is paired with a defunct model android. Together they solved crimes and learned to work together as the android displayed interest in becoming more human.
Is it worth it? Yes. It is one season. Had it gone longer in the episodic direction it was going I may not have recommended it. That said, there is only one season and you’re sure to find some really gem episodes. The interactions between the two leads was fantastic. It was a shame that the show refused to become more serialized as it was a world that we got glimpses of which would have been interesting to explore.
Recommended for: If you enjoy androids. If you enjoy buddy cop shows.
You can watch the whole show now on Netflix.


Status: Aired
Channel: Syfy
The Gist: In the 1960s a fleet of scientists and works were launched into space to travel to a new planet. The Ascension experiences its first murder on board and their entire world begins to rattle.
Is it worth it? Absolutely. That said, after completing the premiere episode you may begin to question it’s role as a science fiction show. That is quickly rectified in the following episode and cemented by the end of the mini series. It is a small investment that is absolutely wonderful. There are bits that lag, but there is more than enjoy to keep you interested. The real question will be if Ascension pulls a Battlestar Galactica and is brought to series. The end of the mini series definitely left it open to that possibility.
Recommended for: If you enjoy space operas. If you enjoy social hierarchies. If you enjoy untapped human abilities.
You can watch the entire mini series on


Status: Upcoming 2015
Channel: Syfy
The Gist: Set 200 years in the future when humanity has colonized off Earth, a detective is assigned to find an missing heir to an important family. In the process he uncovers a conspiracy. The show is based off the book Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey.
Is it worth it? That is yet to be known. However, from what I’ve seen so far it appears to be very interesting.
Recommended for: If you enjoy space operas. If you like conspiracies.

Helix - Season 2Helix

Status: Currently on Air (season 2)
Channel: Syfy
The Gist: Each season a crew of doctors from the CDC are sent to a new local to prevent and/or contain an outbreak of a deadly virus. So far, the viruses have proven to be highly deadly and radical in that they morph their victims into dangerous people.
Is it worth it? Potentially, yes. When Helix began last season, it did so with a bang. There was no denying that it would be science fiction horror. It sold itself on the well executed moments of tension and danger. The middle however began to sag before it gave a semi-explosive ending. The second season hasn’t presented any major horror so far, but it appears we may delve deeper into the science fiction realm.
Recommended for: If you enjoy slow builds. If you enjoy medical science fiction
You can watch season 1 now on Netflix.


The Tomorrow People CastThe Tomorrow People

Status: Canceled
Channel: The CW
The Gist: The are people in the world who are capable of teleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis. They are called the Tomorrow People and they are being hunted by an organization called Ultra out to experiment and capture them.
Is it worth it? Yes. No doubt. However, it also struggled in the beginning. While it was less irritating than The 100 in it’s early episodes, it also failed to really get the plot moving until later on. The one great thing about the show was that it was not afraid to have run. Once the midseason came, the show had truly found it’s legs, unfortunately too many people had bailed and it couldn’t pull out a renewal. That said, the first season was still lots of fun and didn’t end on any awful cliff hanger, though there were open elements that would have been explored in the second season.
Recommended for: If you enjoy evil organizations. If you enjoy underground societies. If you enjoy psychic abilities.
You can watch the whole show now on Netflix.

Are there any science fiction shows you’ve enjoyed in the past few years?

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