Gotham – “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” Review

Gotham - "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"One generally feels nervous for any character that reluctantly agrees to come in to a precinct when they can take down a murderer. In this case, Mr. Winkler was the poor man who was waiting for the sketch artist. The twist was he wasn’t just murdered, but taken out in the precinct. Which instantly pointed to it being an inside job by an officer. It spurred Jim further into the drug case. However, it pitted him against his own colleagues again. As both Bullock and Essen noted, Jim is sticking himself into murky waters so quickly after being reinstated. While the entire situation began to blow up in his face, it worked in his favor. The interesting note is that Jim is willing to allow shady doings to go on to get the job done. So much so that by the end of the episode he had a man who was laughing in his face early in the episode begging Jim.

This week marked the return of Bruce Wayne after a couple of weeks with his absence. He didn’t seem to have much to do, like usual, but we now know he’s okay. he even ran into Ivy for a bit as he searched for Cat. When she finally turned up, she spat in his face because he dared offered her a place for her to stay. Rather than accept and be closer to him, like she clearly wants, she rejects him.

Gotham - "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"Fish is apparently a torture expert. She is a creature that isn’t ruled by sense or money. Fish is ruled by pride and it will no doubt be her undoing in due time. As she was tortured she spat and screamed egging her tormentor on. Then once she’s free and has the opportunity to leave the city, she stays to go after Penguin. She’s ill equipped. She’s in bad shape. She has no men or leverage. Yet, she still wishes to take Penguin down. It is that desire and pride that gets her right hand man killed at the hands of Zsasz.

For weeks now we’ve been seeing Edward Nigma get bullied and ridiculed in the office. There’s no denying that he’s a strange one, but he’s harmless, filled with facts. He often has a smile on his face and it’s almost upsetting how they torment him so. Many of the scenes involve Ms. Kringle who Nigma has a thing for. She is often rude and mean to him, but not to the degree that the other guys are. This was the first episode that we really saw that Kringle might actual feel bad for him being the butt of every joke.

Gotham - "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"In many ways, Cobblepot is just a high functioning outcast similar to Nigma. He is a manipulator, but at the end of the day he’s still extremely different than everyone else. We’ve seen this multiple times throughout the show, but it was particularly highlighted this episode (I could have done without the giddy drinking alone. Penguin is a survivor though. He’s a master manipulator. He swings from side to side always to make sure that he is still standing at the end.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “Gotham – “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” Review

  1. I could have done without the Gotham Kids segment. The detective and murder stuff seemed to get sidetracked by the Penguin/Fish stuff and the evidence Gordon needed was literally dropped right in front of him. This episode wasn’t bad. I liked a lot about it- and it’s nice to see Zsasz again- but the stuff with Bruce, Selina, and Ivy didn’t need to be here.

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