The Originals – “Brotherhood of the Damned” Review

The Originals - "Brotherhood of the Damned"Marcel is stuck trying to be the leader among the vampires. I have to say, he’ a damn good one. He knows how to control hi people. he knows what they need and how to protect them. Yet, they are lashing out at him because they are hungry. They are making him feel insufficient because he chooses not to let those know he is sick. They see it was weakness, but that is not the truth. Marcel was there thinking about the big picture that the underlings like Gia couldn’t see for the life of them.His determination and leadership skills were highlighted by the flashbacks to his time in the WWII. It was well executed as we saw Marcel in his all black regiment.(It was heartbreaking to see his regiment denied the gas masks they desperately needed that lead to their death. (I’m left to wonder what happened to his vampire company). Gia is hot tempered and doesn’t know what she was talking about. She was drumming up drama for drama sake.

Klaus is willing to do damn near anything for those he cares about. He is positively possessive. There are few things that will stop Klaus when he is determined. Actually, Klaus is a bundle of good traits that are laced with strong tendencies toward a few bad ones. He acts out of defense and protection of himself first and those he loves second. If people get hurt in the process, tough luck. This season has castrated Klaus. He’s still very much the same man he was previously, but now he his relegated to more of an ensemble role than the true centerpiece of the show as he was previously.

The Originals - "Brotherhood of the Damned"Finn summoned the minds of his brothers to one place in order to speak with them. There they were forced in, while he was able to talk to them without being harmed. He isn’t really doing any favors for his brothers. In particular, Kol is the most vulnerable as he is defenseless among vampires who want nothing more than to feed. The confrontation was not what Finn hoped for. That said, Finn’s actions aren’t quite as ineffectual as other opponent’s that have come against Klaus.

Cammy is still playing psychotherapist to Elijah. She’ trying to help him, but this interest of hers seems to be more of her own doing. I can understand why she would want to figure out what is currently making Elijah tick. The problem is Elijah is deeply disturbed. However, Klaus’ acceptance was likely something that will slowly start to help make him better.

What did you think of the episode?

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