Books: Old or New

One of my first posts on this blog was about enjoying the old and the new. It can be very difficult to decided what you are going to do. Every day there are more new things created for us to consume. Every single day. In fact since that post, I’ve reviewed something like 19 movies on this blog and watched more than triple that number. I’ve watched new shows come and go. I’ve read more than 50 books. My point is that I’ve consumed a lot of media that has been released in the interim and this is still an issue. In terms of TV and movies, I’ve managed to find a balance. In terms of books, I’m at a terrible crossroads.

A good book is something that can lift your spirits. it’s something that can remind you about how much you love something. A good book can take you some place that you love to visit. The thing is you don’t necessarily know what a good book for you is until you read it. Once you’ve found that book it’s hard to let go. I’ve never read Alive and felt that I wasn’t enjoying it. I’ve never sat down with Harry Potter and felt frustrated because I knew every twist. Instead, I feel like I’m sitting down with an old friend. Reminiscing and let what faded from my memory fresh.

Then there is all he new books. New worlds. New characters. New scenarios. It’s incredibly enticing and with so many of these stories it’s hard to resist. After all, the more time you can devote to new works the chances of finding new worlds that you love draticaly increases. It’s a serious case of you don’t know what you don’t try. With so many things to try there are hundreds of opportunities to find new favorites and love new things. Of course there will be duds, but they only make the good ones feel even better.

A year and a half ago when I first wrote my first post, I was all about finding a balance. I desperately wanted to be able to almost equally devote my time to what was old as I would for what is new. That has slowly changed. I want so desperately to read new books and find out what else is out there. There are so many books out there and now that I’ve been paying more attention to releases than just what are monster hits, the number of books that I want to read has exploded. And it is constantly expanding. It doesn’t leave me much time to go back and read my favorites like Harry Potter, Alive, and array of classics that stole my heart. In fact, I’ve even been cutting back on old books even if I’ve never read them. I’ve adopted a preference for books that have come out within 10 years (preferably 5).

I’ll admit, much of this change has come because of my increased intensity to become a published writer. I’ve written a number of novels at this point. I may have only tried to get an agent with one, but I have these novels that I need to figure out where they fit in the market. So I read and read. Then read some more and decipher what are the kinds of characters and stories that work in the current climate. Then I see how my story fits in. I try to find if there are things I can tweak to fit the landscape while keeping my vision in tact. It’s a long process and as a result I need to read more new books. More new, less old even though the old is what I know I love.

Thus now when I sit down to think of which book I’m going to read next: it tends to favor the yet to have been read books. I’m beginning to envy most people who come up to me and tell me they read certain books every year or every few years. Then I feel happy that I’m giving myself a large base of books that I get to experience.

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