Arrow – “Midnight City” Review

Arrow - "Midnight City"After Laurel’s sudden appearance as Black Canary last week, it’s good to see that she’s not out there being successful. She’s going after criminals and doing her best to fight. While she’s not entirely incompetent, she isn’t nearly skilled enough to be doing this on her own. So much so that Arsenel needed to pop in to save her ass in a quick take down. it was nice for him to note that she has some boxing lessons and a law degree. Where as Roy had an entire life on the streets and personal training from Ollie. he’s paid his dues and he’s still small time.

The set up in which Brick took the Alderman felt extremely staged for all the characters who wanted to fight crime to try to prove themselves. When Brick orders his men to kill the rest, Laurel takes to action. While Ray, who was there to supposedly flaunt his money in his attempts to ingratiate himself with all facets of the city, also tried to take down some guys. In the end, both were effective, but it was notable that both struggled. They each need far more training for them to become the effective heroes they want to be, regardless the reason.

Arrow - "Midnight City"One of the most compelling things this week was seeing Laurel and Roy out of the streets. Roy has to watch over someone in a way he’s not used to. For the longest time he was watched and now he needs to do the same for someone else. it’s a task that he’s not ready for and on their watch a man died because of them at the hands of Brick. They had never even worked together in the past so it really was jumping into a new working relationship. If their later team up was any indication, they are getting better at this.

Felicity has checked out. She wants nothing to do with heroes after losing Ollie. She’s damn near broken. Her entire demeanor is changed. The happy, joke cracking girl that we’ve come to know is completely gone. That mood persisted until she confronted Laurel after learning that she was donning the Black Canary Persona. It was in that confrontation that Felicity began to realize the reason why they continued to fight. Felicity is completely back on board now, even willing to help out Ray.

Arrow - "Midnight City"Oliver is completely awake, but coming back from the dead is no easy feat. The fact that he is alive is a miracle, so being forced to take it easy for a time is not all that unexpected. Actually, it’s reasonable and makes sense. However, it was very clear that the league would figure out that Oliver wasn’t dead and there would be a hunt for him. Heck, men even attacked the shanty, forcing Maseo to kill them and leave the people he once loved behind again. He is no longer their Maseo, but an agent for Ra’s.

What did you think of the episode?

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