12 Monkeys – “Cassandra Complex” Review

12 Monkeys - "Cassandra Complex"Cassie learning to train with Cole makes perfect sense. Since she is so dead set on helping Cole’s cause, she now need to be able to protect herself. This is a world that she’s entering that isn’t commonplace for a doctor. She’s in new territory and following that will be interesting. Right now we are in a position to see Cassie develop as a character.

As for the mission this week lead Cole back to 2014. They discovered that the one who had got away had worked with Cassie in Haiti during 2014. Unfortunately he died, but that wasn’t enough to stop Cole and the people from the future. With the ability to manipulate time, he could go back and question the doctor before he was killed. That also means that Cole absolutely at all costs must avoid coming in contact with Cassie from 2014. At that point in time, she had already encountered Cole, but hadn’t yet gone to meet him. If they encountered that could potentially change everything as she may not turn up to meet Cole at the hotel in 2015. Thus Cole’s mission became more sensitive than the others in which changing time was the goal. Now, he has to do his best not to change time.

One of the more compelling elements of this episode was the interaction between Cassie and Henry. He brought so much more the his role than one could have easily expected. Immediately he felt part of the world. When we saw how the two began to form a relationship, it felt believable. These were doctors feeling vulnerable, relating, while thing seemingly were spiraling out of control around them.

12 Monkeys - "Cassandra Complex"As for Cassie in 2014, she was a complete mess. She seemed utterly incapable of keeping it together. We saw how low she was really sinking, after having been previously being told. It is really effective here to see it happen to her. Cassie really took everything that Cole had said in 2013 to heart. She became completely paranoid about epidemics. She was ready to let people die because she was so scared.

In the future we actually got some developments as to what was going on there other than the missions Cole is going on. Turns out there is an organization called the Seven. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but Cole and Ramse were part of it and are beign hunted. Ramse spotted one of the old people in his group. She claimed she’d left the group, but Ramse was smart enough to realize it was a lie. Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to stop her from getting away. It was a foolish move and we already know this will come back to bite them in the ass.

It was a big moment in Cassie and Cole’s relationship when we learned that he lied to her. He let her believe that he was separated from Henry and never saw him die. That was juxtaposed against us watching Cole kill Henry. This is a secret that will drive a wedge between the two, but not deep enough that it will break them apart completely.

What did you think of the episode?

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