Constantine – “A Whole World Out There” Review

Constantine - "A Whole World Out There"The opening of the episode felt very much like Are you Afraid of the Dark for college kid. They were doing more than just telling ghost stories though. instead they were trying to commune with something supernatural and of course it went wrong. They were trapped into a weird double existence somewhat similar to Freddy. We learned quickly that if they died during these walking dreams/hallucinations then they die in real life. While some of the group members are reasonably freaked out about their friend that died, not all of them are ready to believe that what they saw was actually real.

It really did get interesting as John tried to help the remaining kids try to save themselves from the threat they unleashed. Each one of them slowly stepped into the world and they were taken out rather quickly. By the mid point of the episode, only one was left. Interestingly, even though they died they remained in the house on the other side. When the final girl is trapped inside, John and his helper finally decide go in themselves. Once in that world it got interesting as they found a way to stop Shaw and get the one girl still alive out.

Constantine - "A Whole World Out There"Being inside the house and dead was actually worse than being alive and in fear. The house was built by Shaw the mad man creator of the other side. There he could trap you and kill you to his heart’s content. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to learn all that much about Shaw. Instead we were left to follow the characters running in fear. It would have been better if we could have got more out of his character.

For the most part John was entirely on his own this episode. Honestly, it really worked. Despite having a solid showing last week as we learned more about Chas, he didn’t really feel missed this week. The show really is all about John. Any additional characters add to the show. Unfortunately, we can’t completely overtax Matt Ryan and make it literally a one man show. The schedule would be ridiculous. That said, John truly is the heart of the show. When the focus is on him the episodes tend to be a bit more focused.

I have to note that it was nice that Richie didn’t die like most people who help John out tend to.

What did you think of the episode?

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