Helix – “Scion” Review

Let’s start by pointing out how uncomfortable I was by Landry’s expressions and the moist noises that were going on as Sister Amy jerked him off. yeah. it was a bold way to start an episode, but the combination of the music left me wanting to hide.

Helix - "Scion"The way we learned that Hatake was on the island was a bit unsettling too. It was clear that he was hallucinating as he imagined J and Daniel. Hatake had gone all mountain man on us and he eventually found some peace on the mountain. Hatake clearly hasn’t lost his ability to not trust those around him as he drugged Julia and then tied her up. However once he realized that she was dying he wanted to protect his daughter. Even that drive isn’t enough to stop Hatake’s continuing delusions. He doesn’t know what to do and resorts to the imaginary people in his head to compensate. They can’t even fully enable him to properly deal with his problems. It was even more disturbing when Julia woke up to see that Hatake had truly lost it. he wasn’t just talking to hallucinations, but he also had the remains of the two preserved in their destroyed state and propped up at the dinner table as though they were still there.

In the compound tensions were rising high. it was clear that not everyone saw eye to eye about what was going on. For some they didn’t like the incursion of the CDC doctors. While others, like Sister Amy was out pushing limits and boundaries about what was going on. It became clear that she was out there working the compound’s affinity for splicing, to create diseases among the people in the compound. The fact that she spliced a drug then had Landry deliver it to their children. Whatever was given to them made them highly aggressive as they teamed up to lure Kyle out to them. Once he was out there they beat him until he was knocked out.

Helix - "Scion"It seemed that after the kids attack on Kyle, the kids didn’t even remember what they had done. There seemed to be no lingering effects on the kids. it became clear to Sara that the splicing that was being done on the plants was being used elsewhere. It was rather relieving for our team to realize this quickly. It should be interesting to see how this develops and what the CDC team learns about exactly what is going on there.

Sarah and Peter ventured out into the forest in order to retrieve the sample vials from the patience on the boat after Kyle accidentally left them. Their journey allowed them to see that there seemed to be people out in the woods all were infected. After being attacked, they had to defend themselves. It became more clear that the people in the compound were hiding more than they were letting on.

What did you think of the episode?

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