Gotham – “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” Review

Gotham - "The Fearsome Dr. Crane"Scarecrow is one of those villains that is synonymous with Batman. Considering how many of Batman’s opponents and allies have already been introduced on the show, it isn’t surprising that we are seeing the introduction of Scarecrow already, despite Batman’s first appearance being a ways away. Our first glimpse at scarecow is solid. he thrives on fear, but hasn’t yet got to the point where he uses drugs to get him. Instead, he uses other tactics to induce fear.

Bruce is resigned to the fact that Cat may not have seen the murder. He’s willing to believe it because of her behavior in the past. He’s lost faith in Gordon and rightly so. As he pointed out to the detective, nothing had been turned up. Gordon wasn’t making progress and Bruce no longer wanted his help. For Gordon it must have been a slap in the face. For Bruce, it was his opportunity to cut an ineffective and frequently wrong member of his team free. Bruce will do it on his own with the help of Alfred.

Gotham - "The Fearsome Dr. Crane"Nigma has been used more and more as the season progressed. He’s much too eager and too chipper. It is constantly getting him into trouble and in tight spots with his co workers. That said, he is brilliant at what he does. He finds results. Yet, he’s constantly brushed to the side and because of his behavior he is the butt of the joke. Which is why it was so good to see that Nigma was needed. He does the best work and not having him around can get in the way of properly solving a case. Nigma really carries the backbone of the team as he often puts together the final pieces that solve their cases or at least push them in the right direction.

Maroni finally came to fully learn what is going on with Penguin. He had the sense that something was up, but the call from Fish pushed him over the edge. Everything that had been going on between the two of them was filled with lies. Maroni had to know if it was true, which lead to a confrontation in the woods. Maroni proved that he wasn’t a total chump as he played Penguin and had him crushed alive in a car compact. Unfortunately, Maroni wasn’t that smart as he left Penguin with his phone which enabled him to make the calls necessary to weasel his way out of death.

What did you think of the episode?

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