Sleepy Hollow – “Spellcaster” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Spellcaster"Blood boiling in your body is not a good thing. However, it makes for a positively chilling sequence when played out on screen. Their deaths are just a result of a witch feared by all other witches after he was released from purgatory. Solomon Kent, is eerie just to look at. While it was very clear that he was just another case of the week, he was one of the more effective ones. His story was sufficient as we learned he knew Katrina’s grandmother. He’d been incredibly powerful and was the reason behind the witch trials, until the witches finally stopped him from his magic and cast him to purgatory. It was one of the more interesting character histories portrayed for a one off character.

Kent’s sole focus was that of resurrection. He wished to bring back the girl he killed and it drove him made. Rather than being light like Crane, he was moved and motivated by the darkness. He had become a person that knew how dark he’d become and accepted it. The fact that he sent out little blood demons sprinting about like strange little people was more funny than scary. They exploded like blood sacks which didn’t help up their intimidation factor. Once he got what he wanted it became clear that simple resurrection wasn’t the extent of what he wanted to destroy. No, he wanted to literally go back and change time. Thankfully, the show didn’t try to tap into the entire concept of time travel too deeply. It would have added an unnecessary level of complication for the show. It was nice that Crane took down Kent with modern technology and knowledge.

Sleepy Hollow - "Spellcaster"This was another week to let Katrina try to shine. She pranced around the episode throwing her magic about and when needed she stepped up to bat. many over the season have suggested that Katrina may go dark in an upcoming plot line. This week was the first concrete hint that she was going to traverse that path at least somewhat. That said, her sudden switch to allow into the darkness, even briefly, felt out of place the way it was showed. It came almost out of nowhere. We were supposed to feel like she lost control of herself. However, it seemed more like she just felt like trying it out instead. She’s enjoying toying the with the increased power of darkness. Similar to how Irving is allowing him to slip into darkness.

Henry is back in the picture. It was such a jarring reveal that it felt out of place for it to be played so casually. There has been something strange with the continuity of the show as of late and this just just one of those moments. That said, it’s nice to see Henry again even if he’s more of a shell of his former self. He’s pondersome and solemn. We hardly even see him move for half the episode, but if we know Henry, there’s always something spinning. When we finally see him standing up and exacting his version of justice it is insanely tasty. Learning that he’s up to his old nasty tricks and with Irving as a henchmen, things got very interesting.

What did you think of the episode?

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