The Originals – “Sanctuary” Review

The Originals - "Sanctuary"Secrets, secrets, secrets. They are the lifeblood of this show. Without secrets, many pf the shows plots crumble. Now, the livelihood of all the wolves in the quarter is partially dependent on Hayley revealing her secrets. Her secrets aren’t entirely hers though, but effect many of the originals. The safety of her daughter is reliant on Hayley keeping her mouth shut. She doesn’t have much option unless she wants to see her pack go back to turning every month. It’s strange that this is seen like a life sentence, considering that’s how they’d always lived.

The actual secret sharing went along rather well, with Jackson revealing that his grandfather was the one who killed Hayley’s parents when he went on a rage bender. It is strange how easily Hayley accepts this truth. It’s almost ludicrous. She’s spent her entire life with this complex about her parents. Yet, she hardly bats an eyelash at the truth behind their death. I understand her not blaming Jackson, but I don’t understand the indifference.

Klaus is always the most interesting when he’s doling out threats. He’s violent and dangerous, but has his heart in the right place. It is his tactics that make him hated. The idea that Hayley and Jackson are to wed positively infuriates him. Hayley foolishly believes that she can reel against him with no consequence. Considering everything she’s been through with Klaus and how he’s treated her when she was actually carrying his child. She pushes his buttons and she thinks that she’s doing it for the greater good. His snapping her neck not because he doesn’t trust her, but because he doesn’t trust Jackson is typical Klaus. He’s always thinking ahead. Klaus believes in Hayley, so he will let Jackson go for now. The action was typical of Klaus, who is softer than he appears.

The Originals - "Sanctuary"I like that Kol acknowledges that he has no allegiance to anyone. He’s about keeping himself alive. While that isn’t useful for either side, you can always rely on him. Well, not necessarily that he will do what needs to be done to help you. He will do favors for whichever side looks to come out on top. In that sense, he’s highly predictable. That said, he’s putty in Davina’s hand and he will do so much to help her. The question is how far he will actually go.

There are very strange things going on in the witch house. We learned last week that it was actually Freya that Rebekah was talking to. Then a girl turned up out of nowhere and lingers in the mysterious room. It isn’t all that shocking that she is Freya. What is more interesting is seeing how people turn on each other inside that house. They opt to kill and betray each other just for wanting to leave. I didn’t see it coming that Rebekah’s one ally would turn on her. In hindsight, I should have realized it because Freya is her new ally and a far more powerful one.

What did you think of the episode?


2 thoughts on “The Originals – “Sanctuary” Review

  1. I’m excited to see more of Freya now that she is out and about. I’m pretty bored with Finn at this point. I’m just not finding him very compelling as an antagonist anymore. I’m not sure I ever really did to be honest.

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