How to Avoid Reading Burnout

I love to read. You probably could have figured that out based on the number of books I’ve read. So far this year My good read count has me at 8 books. The median number of books read in a year is 6 with an average of 15, thanks to people like me. However, it’s very easy to get worn out with reading the same thing over and over again. When that happens picking up the next book, whether you’ve wanted to read it or not, can feel like the biggest feat in the world. So here’s how I keep from getting book exhausted

Don’t read the same subgenre back to back
Reading the same subgenre can be addicting. There have been countless times when I read a good zombie book and wanted nothing more than another good zombie book. Or I found a fantasy with dragons addicting and I ached to read another. It’s inevitable. When you hit something you like you want more. The downfall is that when you keep treading in the same subgenre it can wear you out. When you break it up, the genre tends to stay a bit fresher.

Don’t read the same genre more than three books in a row
The same concept goes for a genre. That said, when it comes to a genre as a whole there is a bit more leeway because of the various subgenres. That said, if you read too much of just Fantasy or just Mystery, some of the fun can deflate. You come to expect certain things and what could have been a book that was perfect for you is now just okay. Switching up your genre is useful. Personally I try not to read more than two books of one genre in a row before I switch it up a bit.

Don’t read all books in a series consecutively
It is so tempting to dig into a series. Especially when all books in the series are available. There are some pluses like remembering all details from book to book. However, I’ve found spacing them out keeps me enthused for longer. When I really can’t keep my hands off a series I will read a single book in between. For example when I read the Hitchhiker’s series, I read one of the series then something else then another of the series. Not only did it keep me interested, but it also made me want to get through the other books to get back to Hitchhiker’s. Separating them leads to anticipation.

Alternate books you are excited for with those you aren’t as much
You aren’t going to love every book you read that is a given. Every book you pick up will leave you with a different sense of excitement. Some you will want to jump into immediately. Others you may have interest in, but aren’t clamoring for. I’ve found that throwing in a book I’m not as thrilled about between. The knowledge that there’s a book I can’t wait for on the other side makes me read with a fervor. Every so often those books I’m not so excited about ends up being one of my favorite books.

Include something that’s a light read as side material
When I am reading a book, I am generally reading some sort of comic, be it Marvel or manga. These often provide a lighter fare that is quicker to read. It also provides me an alternative should I not be as in love with my current book. Also, reading something entirely different can make me feel differently.

Don’t force yourself to read something you have no interest in
There is nothing that will slow down your momentum like reading something you aren’t interested in and never catches your attention. It is one of the easiest ways to achieve reading burnout. Reading something your don’t like sucks all the energy out of you. If you aren’t enjoying something you are reading in the slightest, then don’t bother with. Pushing and finishing a book you don’t like is one sure fire way to make you want to take a break from reading.

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