The Flash – “Crazy For You” Review

The Flash - "Crazy For You"Barry isn’t just fighting villains, but just generally saving people when they are in need. He swooped in to save a couple from an exploding car, but that is really only the beginning.

This week we saw a new meta human who could teleport just by looking somewhere.It was a cool power to see on screen and reminded me of Delsin’s smoke power from inFamous Second Son.. Her ability however leaves behind particulates that allowed the team to trace her down. Her teleport ability was just enough to keep Barry on his toes. It was fun seeing him go after her only to have her jump out of his grasp. Unfortunately, other than her ties to crime, we didn’t get much from her. She ended up being yet another bland foe.

One of the things that irritated me most about the episode was how Shawna was captured. After all of her teleporting, she was crippled by not being able to see. it made sense. What didn’t make sense was that when her boyfriend ran off, she stayed in the car. He ran off, she could have done the same. Just because she couldn’t teleport didn’t mean she could run. It just made it feel way too easy for Barry and the team.

The Flash - "Crazy For You"Caitlin said to not look for Ronnie anymore. However, after last week where Hartley taunted Cisco with information, of course he looked into it. Hartley is feeding into Cisco’s weaknesses. I’m really glad that they are expanding on his character and not just throwing him to the side to be used when the time was right. He’s an inherently interesting person and because they have a history with him there is potentially so much more to explore. Let me say this, Cisco is foolish for letting his curiousity getting the best of him. He handled taking Hartley out poorly. That said, I enjoyed his little fight sequence. it’s good seeing hints already that he can somewhat handle himself even if he will need training. It’s easy to forget that Cisco is brilliant because of how goofy he acts. He proved how smart he was with the cochlear device, but not smart enough to not let Hartley get away. Cisco was carrying a lot of guilt and Hartley getting away doesn’t help that.

Barry and Caitlin really got a lot of screen time this episode. They managed to lament together over their lack of social lives. So when the case brought them to a bar, they decided to stake the place out and have some fun. The reaction Barry had when Caitlin came in all gussied up was rather perfect if they want to continue down the path of them potentially getting together. In fact, the show has been toying with the idea throwing possible hints of a building relationship since early on. They have a solid chemistry even if it never evolves. They seem to get along with each other very well.Caitlin’s drunk escapades got Barry on stage (his for displayed Glee talent on). More importantly, it lead to Barry meeting a girl. If it wasn’t for Caitlin’s nudging, he might not have ever seen her.

It was great seeing a proper glimpse of Gorilla Grodd.

What did you think of the episode?

4 thoughts on “The Flash – “Crazy For You” Review

  1. Yeah, I agree with you there on Shawna. All that hype, but ugh so boring. I was so excited for Shawna too…
    But ah! I completely adored the episode aside from the Shawna bit. Seeing Barry and Caitlin bond was wonderful, I see great chemistry between as friends or in a relationship! But Linda Park is also really precious as well, she is so direct and confident. Gah, I am jealous. But seriously though, it was really lacking the Wests 😦 But one good thing was the stamp of approval from Papa Allen, that made me tear up a bit :’)

    • The moment between Barry and his father was well played.

      And yes, the Barry Caitlin chemistry is off the charts. I don’t really care where their relationship goes, as long as they are together. It’ll kill me if she goes all bad Killer Frost-y.

      • MY HEART. It hurt, very much
        I know right? The two of them are just wonderful together. I seriously doubt that CW will make Caitlin go all dark side this season. I feel like that would be pushing it a bit? Maybe, next season? Maybe, never hopefully.

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