Arrow – “Uprising” Review

Arrow - "Uprising"With the police abandoning the Glades there is no one to protect people from Brick’s men and other troublemakers except for Arsenal and Canary. With back up support from Felicity and Diggle, it’s a small team to protect so many people. My one issue with the scenario is that Diggle is sitting everything out in the base with Felicity. There he is of no use except to comment on things and be a voice of reason. Diggle is a soldier, yet he’s always sitting out. Yes he has a daughter he needs to stay alive for, but he needs to actual do something. Right now he doesn’t seem to be contributing to the team when they need help the most. They are at least receiving help from Quentin. It was hilarious that Quentin called Roy out when he tried to use the voice modulator because he already knew it was him.

This week really focused on the murder of Rebecca Merlyn and all the aftermath that came along with it. 21 years ago Rebbeca was killed by Brick. This completely threw Malcolm’s assumption to the wind. Merlyn had only lashed out at Ra’s because he thought he was the cause. When he learned he was wrong, his vengeance was misplaced, which meant he had to fix it. Malcolm had a new mission to kill Brick now. Malcolm proposed a deal with team Arrow to take down Brick, a team up.

Arrow - "Uprising"After last week’s trial and error in terms of the Canary Arsenal team, it was nice to see them working much better as a team. The pair is already showing some more fluid teamwork and that’s enjoyable. Soon enough they may be more than just a competent pair. However, that fight in the Glades precinct, which Brick and his crew were holed up in. Malcolm stepped in and saved their asses. It was interesting that the two vigilantes on the field agreed that teaming up with Malcolm was the only way. Despite that, Team Arrow decided not to team up with Malcolm. (It proved to be a slap in the face that Felicity swore Oliver would never work with Malcolm, only for him to say that was exactly what he was going to do. It upset Felicity to the point that she told Oliver she didn’t want him to love her anymore.)

Instead, they opted to enlist help from Wildcat and Sin. This lead to an all out brawl between two massive forces one on Team Arrow side, the other on Brick’s. Have I mentioned how amazing Brick has been in his tenure on this show. It wasn’t surprising that Malcolm used the brawl as a chance to confront Brick. That said, there was a lot of havoc in this fight and through it also emerged Oliver who stopped Malcolm before he killed Brick. He pulled Malcolm from the brink as he tries to make Malcolm not be so cruel.

Arrow - "Uprising"Oliver was still receiving some sort of encouragement and care from Tatsu. She wants to see Oliver safe, but she also doesn’t want to watch Oliver walk back to death’s door. She left him with the knowledge that only the student can beat the master. With Maseo out of the picture, Malcolm is the only one who can train him. It will be an interesting team up. Now Oliver is on his way out of hiding. His return was just in time, though I wish we had more time to see Ray at least start to come into his own as the Atom.

It will be interesting to see the fallout as Quentin and Sin learn about what is actually going on with the Canary and the fate of Sara.

What did you think of the episode?

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