The 100 – “Coup de Grace” Review

The 100 - "Coup de Grace"When Bellamy was first introduced he was a bit of a dick. Over time we got to see more of Bellamy and he really came to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite character on the show. He was so vital to almost everything that happened in the first season that it’s been upsetting to see his decreased role the season. Slowly, he went from being one of the main characters, to one of the main supporting roles. He’s had his story lines, but recently they’ve been a bit smaller. Which is why seeing Bellamy dragged down so low and abused really upset me more than anything that’s happened to the other characters. His encounter with Maya that eventually made it so he could get free by killing the guard was a nice sequence that showed how far out of her element she was.

The 100 - "Coup de Grace"Jasper has completely lost it in his desperation to get is best friend back. Monty being missing is messing with his head. Maya would have had Jasper wait to see if Monty turns up, however he decided to attack Dante for information. It was just the action that was needed to spur Dante into action. Together they found Monty locked up in a room with Dr. Tsing working on the girl. Dante was so enraged he ordered Tsing to be locked up and frees those locked up. Dante wants the grounders free. However, Dante’s son has taken control of Mount Weather. So what seemed like an easy release still needed Bellamy’s hard work after all.

One of the more frustrating things about the show is the family drama between Abby and Clarke. It’s very clear that Clarke is beyond the point of really needing her mother to rely on for help. Abby, however, doesn’t see that she isn’t quite as needed as she once was. Her daughter can get by without her. All of that is interesting, but watching it play out on screen is not as compelling. Abby comes off as bitter and unable to accept the new way of things. Abby is stuck in this old mode of thought with the title of Chancellor swinging around as if it still means something. Kane realizes this is a new world and the order they once had has changed. Abby still thinks she’s in charge, but the entire alliance is because of Clarke. If Clarke calls for an order that the grounders agree with, they will follow her orders not Abby.

The 100 - "Coup de Grace"Bellamy and Clarke have made contact. Now they need to find a way to get the grounders and the sky people out of Mount Weather without killing the innocent people there. Clarke is rebelling against her mother with the help of the grounders. Clarke is in charge and Abby can suck it. Kane is on board, but Abby sees this as a battle. The real fight is against Kane’s son. I love this in charge, darker side to Clarke.

Octavia’s transformation to being more grounder than sky person has been fascinating.

What did you think of the episode?


3 thoughts on “The 100 – “Coup de Grace” Review

  1. Really loved the bits with Bellamy. Between the fight and the elevator there were some tense moments. You make a good point about the family drama, but I liked how Clarke seemed to really put her foot down at the end of this episode. Hopefully it finally got through to her mom and this doesn’t keep cropping up.

    • The tension between Clarke and Abby has been growing. It makes sense fhat Abby doesnt want to let go. There’s just so much other great material that is a better focus. The audience has already accepts Clarke as leader.

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