Favorite Black Characters in Marvel

It’s February. The shortest month of the year. It is also the one month created to bring awareness to Black History. While, I’m not going to go into how sad it is that we need to specify a month to help make people aware. So what I’m going to do is highlight some of my favorite black characters in Marvel comics. Yes, if you smelled the start of a blog series, you got it. For the month of February, I’ll be making lists of my favorite characters from different areas of literature. I’ll start with Marvel and next week will be DC, followed by SFF, and ending with all other literature. This’ll be fun.

Bishop (Lucas Bishop)bishop

Deathlok (Michael Collins)deathlok

Falcon (Sam Wilson)captain-falcon

Goliath (Bill Foster)goliath

Luke Cage (Power Man)lukecage

Misty Knightmistyknight

Nick Fury Jr. nickfury

Patriot (Elijah Bradley)patriot

Spiderman (Miles Morales)milesmorales

Storm (Ororo Munroe)storm2

T’Challa (Black Panther)blackpanther

War Machine (James Rhodes)James_Rhodes_(Earth-20051)

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