12 Monkeys – “Atari” Review

12 Monkeys - "Atari"It was interesting that we got a flashback of the future. It was there mainly to show how desperate of a place Cole and Ramse were in before they found their team. It was all to set the stage for a trouble they were facing in the future regarding the impending West Seven threat. As I mentioned, it all could have been avoided if Ramse hadn’t been so lenient with her. Now everyone, and the whole mission is in jeopardy because of what he did. It would have been safer if he let the guard take Max down. And I have to say the flashback really showed how nasty the West Seven were. They got their name because they killed people locked up in quarantine simply because they felt they didn’t belong in the same world as him, the immune. The West Seven stormed in ready to take over the base for resources and who knows what else. They were willing to kill anyone who got in the way which lead to Cole’s supposed final jump.

12 Monkeys - "Atari"The flashbacks were also strongly there to show us more of what Ramse was really like. We’d spent so little time with him, that we needed this character growth. Ramse was shown as the kind of person who valued life. As the rest of the West Seven were killing those they stole from, Cole included, Ramse was trying to free them. It became clear that he didn’t have the same kind of heart and as the others in that pack. It also made it clear that while stopping Max was what needed to be done, Ramse was never the type to be brutal. He’s a merciful guy. Hell, he’s a straight up good guy and trying to run with West Seven was breaking him. He saw Deacon, leader of the West Seven, for what he was, a tyrant bent on power while preaching a violent rhetoric. It became clear that Ramse was the brains of the pair while Cole was the follower.

What proved to be the most interesting of it all was that Cole’s jump only sent him back two days and not far from where he started. Right in the line of fire for Deacon to take Cole captive, ready to punish for his appearance. this however allowed for Cole to go back and right the situation. What seemed like Ramse being shot to death on the radio, was actually Cole saving his life. Essentially he created a loop. Both causing the invasion and stopping it at the same time.

12 Monkeys - "Atari"In the end, everything ended up being okay with Deacon on the run and Max seemingly on board with the team. However, Cole seemed to have developed a thing for Cassie as he seems to have no interest in his former flame, Max, any more. He likes Cassie and his way of letting Cassie know was by finally opening up and telling her about himself. However, Cassie was paying it no attention because she was busy while he was gone. She found the room.

What did you think of the episode?

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