Helix – “Densho” Review

Helix - "Densho"Julia is locked up by her crazy father. Hatake has truly lost it in his recluse space. He truly believes that Daniel and J are with him on the island, which is leading to another scary hostage situation for Julia. Unfortunately, his isn’t leading Julia to anything interesting. She’s spent the last four episodes as a hostage by someone, tied up in a chair not able t do much. It’s not truly compelling story telling. I can’t wait until she gets away. For now, she has to deal with how deranged her father is considering he wants to make her like her dead relatives and preserve her. Her breaking free and eventually battling with her father was well done. he was deranged, but he still loved his daughter very much. Eventually he died when their fight got nasty. it was a well done emotional scene. That said since we didn’t see Hatake dead, just seriously injured, we may not have seen the last of him.

In the compound, the infection is still claiming the lives of people. However, the team’s focus is split now that there are children attacking others without memory of the event. Kyle may believe that it is brainwashing, but the other’s aren’t ruling anything out. Each of the doctor’s were largely separated. Kyle off on his brainwash tangent. Sarah was largely focused on the fungal disease and Peter was tied up with his brother. They did however make progress in terms of the fungal disease, figuring out it was a insect born vector. However, they couldn’t find the child Soren. His mother refused to help, lashing out against the idea that he was missing and even stabbing Sarah. The death of er baby may also lead to the death of Sarah as her disease may return without the baby essentially protecting her.

Helix - "Densho"There is discord among the sisters. Amy is the black sheep of the sisters. Clearly her actions are rebellion in their eyes. Up until now, they would have excused her ventures, but now they are causing problems for the whole group. Her toying with the children and massing with Landry is dangerous.

Ilaria is always a looming threat on this show. However, this is the first episode where it actually felt like a looming threat over the show. They actually made their presence felt as we saw a correspondence with Ilaria butt boy, Ballaseros. He’s still working for Ilaria and based on the conversation, Peter has some ties to them as well. It explains why he was reluctant to get in contact with Alan since Alan is a problem for Illaria considering the bombing. This means that what is going on in the island is truly more complicated than was initially portrayed.

What did you think of the episode?

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