A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls
by Patrick Ness

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I literally laughed out loud when I saw all the people who said that this book made them cry. You see, I’ve ready many many books in my short life time and only one of those books ever made me cry. One book. Thus, I walked around with a badge and armor with how tough I was. I maintained that books just couldn’t make me cry unless I’ve become so invested in the characters that they feel real to me. Then I read A Monster Calls. It left me feeling all the feels.

You have to understand, A Monster Calls is the type of book that leaves you feel like it ripped a piece of your heart out, stamped it, and then awkwardly shoved it back. It deals a cruel hand and then tells you it will be okay. After reading it, I needed a serious pick me up from the grim outlook on the world. It felt whole. It felt complete and if the stories the Yew tree told were any indication there were no real guarantees for Conor, but he was able to make progress. He was able to step forward into a new chapter.

The story was beautifully written. Rich in its characters and the harsh brevity of life. It’s the kind of book that anyone who is in a tough situation and is looking for some answer, hope, anything could relate to. Conor, a thirteen year-old is dealing with the realities of his world now that his mother is imminently facing death. Our journey deals with not just how he copes and interacts with the situation, but how others react to him and how he in turn responds.

It is the kind of story that grips you and pulls you in not wanting to let you go. I read the whole book in two brief sittings in the span of 24 hours. If pressing matters of life hadn’t forced me to take a break, I would have read he entire thing in one go. That is rare for me. When I really love a book i read it quickly, not wanting to put it down. I simply can’t get enough and thus I binge. A Monster Calls is a short read that helped facilitate this quick read. That said it was entirely about how engrossed with the story that matter.

The illustration throughout the novel were positively gorgeous. They ranged from subtle additions to landscapes. So frequently I found my self pausing in the story just to run my fingers over the art as I took in all of the details. They were simple, yet intricate and a work of beauty on their own even without the chilling stories and depictions they portrayed.

A Monster Calls is one of those novels that I can foresee myself recommending to people for a long time. It was simply so beautiful and touching that it’s a shame if you don’t. I don’t say that often, but I truly appreciate this book.

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