Gotham – “The Scarecrow” Review

Gotham - "Scarecrow"Last week’s case continued into this week a Crane continued to take the adrenal glands of victims. Gerald decided that he would test his adrenal gland cocotion on himself first. As such it looked like what you would expect from a horror filled scarecrow nightmare. Crane saw his wife in a trail of fire. See Gerald was out to cure fear. He wanted to rid himself of it and also his son. Jonathan was portrayed as a nice boy, but not much more. It was his father that was doing the trailblazing and leaving a trail of bodies. His dad was forceful determined to finish their treatments even if that meant possibly getting caught as they fled. That final dose Jonathan was given completely destroyed him to the point that every waking moment is now a nightmare.

Jim and Leslie are continuing down their relationship and it’s definitely got more spark to it than Jim’s relationship with Barbara. In that regard it is a step up. However, the relationship seems to come off as forced. One moment Jim is so awkward with Leslie that he uses a case just to see her. The next he’s acting like a player trying to get his way into Leslie’s bedroom. However their relationship seems to be hitting a rocky patch before it’s really had a chance to grow as She took the job as medical examiner in the GCPD. Now they’ll be working together and already it seems to be that their relationship may be taking up more screen time than we really need.

Fish is some where, somewhere locked up with a bunch of tough guys who seem to want the worst to happen. Fish is no pushover though. She makes it clear that she isn’t someone they can have their way with, if they try, they die. It’s a new hierarchy where’ve she’s locked up and it’s not surprising that she’s already trying to scheme a way to the top. It wouldn’t be Fish if she wasn’t vying to be top dog. She’s smart and it seems that she will change this prison from a place ruled by physical violence to a place ruled by fear and power.

Gotham - "Scarecrow"Bruce again was entirely ancillary to the plot. He was there because they don’t want to give us a Gotham without Bruce, even though he isn’t yet Batman. this week he didn’t even have a strong plot that had him doing things. Instead, he went out tot he woods to a place he used to go with his father, got upset, and seriously hurt his ankle. For a moment, I thought they were going to make him fall into a cave with bats swarming around him. Thankfully, they didn’t, but I also didn’t get the point of halting Bruce from his endeavors even further, considering he wasn’t making much progress anyway.

What did you think of the episode?


2 thoughts on “Gotham – “The Scarecrow” Review

  1. I didn’t dig a lot of the Scarecrow stuff. I’d like to know a real reason why Gerald Crane would even have a scarecrow at his home. One could argue that it was left there unchanged, much like the home itself, but it seems like it’s just there because we have Jonathan Crane here and he’s going to become Scarecrow, so the narrative necessitates we get a scarecrow. Strange, considering we don’t even know WHY Jonathan Crane has a fear of scarecrows. As for Fish…her plot seems like such a side-story. We don’t need to see every single move she makes while she’s away from Gotham, to be honest.

    • That goes for all the characters. The show feels the need to check in with everyone in almost every episode even if they don’t have much to add. That said, i am at least intrigued by what Fish is going through, even if time could have been well spent else where. What I didn’t need was any of Bruce this episode.

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