Sleepy Hollow – “What Lies Beneath” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "What Lies Beneath"It was strange that I watched the first fifteen or so minutes of this episode and didn’t have any real substantial thoughts about what was going on. That however suddenly changed when things started to pick up the pace and deliver. The conception was interesting. They’ve known about these runnels for a while a e know they are large and sprawling. That said, they haven’t really explored them much, so it almost felt like it was time for them to do something.

This week marked the introduction of a journalist who lost his brother to the creatures down in the cave. Calvin Riggs wants nothing more than to get his brother back from below, but he has no idea what he’s dabbling with. All he knows is that Abbie and Crane are the only people digging around in the tunnels in the right place. He’s a hard as he is willing to bring media hell down on them in order to try to get his brother. The problem is he doesn’t know that what he is dealing with isn’t anything that he could have imagined. That said, he was a hazard so he was pushed to the side after a while.

Sleepy Hollow - "What Lies Beneath"The most out there element of the episode was the introduction of Thomas Jefferson. I can’t quite say he is living and breathing, but he was certainly in our time. Through a combination of magic and science, the consciousness of Jefferson. They learned that in that chamber with Jefferson is all the knowledge they could need to help them in their journey. Losing it would be a major detriment. Yet, the men in danger of the reavers would be eaten alive if Crane and Abbie didn’t take out the reavers. That meant in order to accomplish their goal, they needed to figure out a way to kill the reavers without destroying the power source that enabled Jefferson to communicate with them. However, after saving the men trapped by the reavers it became clear that they were far too dangerous to be left down there. What didn’t make sense was that now no one was in danger, why they didn’t spend a bit more time to think of a better way to get rid of the reavers without losing the room and Jefferson. It just didn’t make complete sense as to why destroying the power source was the only option.

Frank’s attempts at being coy and trying to device Jenny was a nice attempt. However, Frank thinks that his display of loyalty is really much stronger than it really is. Jenny saw through it and confronted him eventually after seeing what he was going to do. When he confirmed that he was up to something, she attacked, but he got to her first. Then he fed her a sob story. He seems to legitimately care about his family and what he said, may have been legitimate, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s most certainly a minion of Henry. He’s up to no good at all.

What did you think of the episode?

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