The Originals – “The Devil is Damned” Review

The Originals - "The Devil is Damned"Freya reemerged seeking out Finn this time. She explained how it was that she lived, indicating that she would spend one year alive for every hundred years. It has kept her young, which is something we’ve seen is a skill witches have. That said she is clearly aligning herself with Finn. This however I don’t understand unless it is meant out of pure spite. One would think that a woman who was so taken from her family forcefully, wouldn’t want another child in her family go through that as well.

Kol on the other hand has come to Klaus pleading for help now that he’s trapped in his body. It seems that the body he has is weaker than it seems. Kol is susceptible to permanent death. Klaus however was not too pleased with Kol’s plan to dagger him. As a result, he was turned away right into Finn’s grasp. Finn offered him the ability take the lock off his body, but Kol saw it a lie. He saw the betrayal brimming and realized he was doomed anyway. Kol is one of the more interesting characters on the show. His fleeing allegiance makes him interesting especially since deep down he isn’t out to ruin his family. He just wants to be accepted. Kol i cunning in a way that would be more threatening if Klaus wasn’t better. The trust Klaus placed in Kol was unprecedented.

The Originals - "The Devil is Damned"Finn is damn near diabolical in his planning. he’s cruel and for as much as he claims he’s doing everything for his family, he’s being surprisingly selfish. He’s able to wreak havoc on multiple fronts. He can deceive them all as to where he’s going to attack next. The worst part of it all is he doesn’t seem to understand that he’s breaking his family more. As far as we know, Dalia doesn’t know about the baby thus their lives are safe. Yet he still wants to give away Hope to spare himself. While everyone else is fighting to save this child, hes fighting solely for himself.

Hope is insanely powerful. Until now she seemed like just a baby. However, after she healed herself from a cut. Then stopped the van to protect Cammy and herself moments before Elijah blew the house to kill Finn, it seems Hope is not normal. She is so far beyond it. One could think that Hope is merely being protected by Dalia, which is entirely a possibility. However, she comes from a family of witches, born from a werewolf and a hybrid, it makes more sense than not that she is endowed with some sort of ability.

What did you think of the episode?

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