Agent Carter – “A Sin to Err” Review

Agent Carter - "Sin to Err"Now that Peggy is back stateside, she’s back to the same under appreciated treatment. However, her recent stint of respect has her acting a bit bolder than she should. She;s quickly knocked back into the same place as she was previously. A demotion in status is really the least of her worries considering Sousa closed the gap in his investigation implicating her and thus sending the SSR after her. The men of the SSR were humbled when she took out all of the men assigned to stop her. They clearly underestimated her and it was satisfying to see her kick their butts.

Peggy’s focus was tracking down all the women Stark had slept with an had Jarvis deliver a parting bracelet. It was quite unfortunate that Jarvis had to be attacked by so many of the women because of Stark’s bad behavior. Before long Jarvis and Peggy were up against the SSR agents that were after her. The little action sequence was quite the treat in the episode. The music selection at that time made it a fun fluid action set piece before Peggy was confronted by the two men in the SSR we’ve gotten to know the best. Both Thompson and Sousa gave off a vibe that they didn’t want what was being said of Peggy to be true, but it was Sousa who could commit to attacking that let her get free.

Agent Carter - "Sin to Err"Angie’s inclusion in the episode hit just the right notes. It was hilarious and refreshing to see Angie help Peggy by pulling out her acting. Not only that but it was after Angie had to deal with a series of rejections from auditions. Her performance now was more than satisfactory, but it also led to her being let in a bit into peggy’s life. Angie may not be a soldier like Peggy, but she is more than capable. After all of Angie’s help to get free it was Dottie who stopped her with Peggy’s own knock out lipstick. The SSR agents got to Peggy before Dottie could make a move.

Dottie is still a spy behaving badly. The real question is what and who exactly she is working with. It was interesting that it seemed like Dottie was setting up to kill the Russian scientist from the dentist office. It turned out that they were actually working together and her gun was a way to signal a message and see his response better. It was interesting to see the flip on expectations of the situation. When you think about it, the dentist was killed simply so they could convey a new message. to each other. That message also proved to damn Peggy a it was a kill order. The Russian scientist actually became more interesting as we saw him manipulating an SSR agent with his ring.

What did you think of the episode?

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