The 100 – “Rubicon” Review

The 100 - "Rubicon"The situation in Mount Weather grew much worse this week. Gone are the days when Dr. Tsing wanted to just drain the kids and keep them just alive enough to keep producing the marrow they needed. Now, they’ve gone full swing. Any of the kids that Dr. Tsing came for with her army of men were killed. There were no second chances and they were being taken every few hours. With time dwindling they really had no choice but to move. That meant they needed Bellamy’s help, but that could only go so far. Thankfully, Jasper has stepped into more of a leadership role. After receiving a gun to stage a more forceful rebellion. Jasper actually went for a shot, but what I didn’t understand was why he went for the guard. Jasper is smart enough to think big picture at times. However, shooting the guard with armor could only potentially get him to release Monty. I’m still scratching my head as to why he didn’t shot Dr. Tsing who was completely vulnerable and at the time he had a relatively clear shot because she wasn’t flanked like in her entrance into the room. Not that it mattered much in the end as Dr. Tsing finally got her comeuppance with a dose of deadly radiation seeping into the floor and taking out all of the guards while leaving all of the 57 safe.

Bellamy was hard at work this episode, pulling as many strings as he could. Not only did he stage, set up, and help buy the 57 more time to keep them from Dr. Tsing, he also manged to warn Clarke about an impending missile coming their way. The missile was truly the morality of this episode as Clarke had to struggle with what to do with the knowledge. Alerting all of their people that they needed to evacuate the location would have alerted Mount Weather that they currently had an inside man before they were ready to strike. Bellamy’s life and the lives of every last one of them would have been in jeopardy if they took that path. Or they could go with Lexa’s idea and evacuate only those essential and let them suffer casualties. In that scenario, they would live on to fight another day, Bellamy’s cover wouldn’t be blown and they still had an advantage over Mount Weather.

The 100 - "Rubicon"It was a tough decision and ultimately Clarke sided with Lexa. However, as her mother mentioned the blood of the dead would be on her hands. Already this seems to be weighing on Clarke. However it was an incredibly difficult decision. One that I don’t think that Abby ever could have made. Knowing Abby and her approach to the way things have been, she would have let Bellamy and every one in the Mount Weather compound die. She would have convinced herself that there was another way to stop the Mountain Men. However the more we see of Cage, the less I’m believing that to be a possibility. The real problem here is that Abby doesn’t fully know the atrocities of the life that is there for them on Earth. Clarke has been able to walk from place to place and see how dangerous things are and understand the lengths that the various groups of people will go. Do I think Clarke will come out emotionally unscathed from this? No way. Do I think it was a necessary evil to stop the Mountain Men? Yes. And it was just the motivated anyone on their side hesitant about what was going on would need to push them further.

The 100 - "Rubicon"Also I want to not that it was really great seeing Raven and Clarke have a moment of bonding. The two girls really are fit to be around each other, but the trouble with Finn drove them apart. It’s good to see that they may be able to move forward. Also it didn’t seem like Raven to stay in the dumps for too long. She’s a resilient girl.

We also got to see Jaha and John on their journey to the City of Light. It’s clear their path will be riddled with hardships. It also seems that those out in this desert area seem to suffer from deformities that don’t occur to the grounders who live in the woodland areas. That said, those Bedouins are dangerous and already ransacked the group of all their belongings, playing both Jaha and John as fools. That said, it’s good to see the one set back won’t be sending them back to the rest. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this City of Light really is.

What did you think of the episode?

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