12 Monkeys – “The Night Room” Review

12 Monkeys - "The Night Room"What didn’t work for me was the portrayal of Jennifer Goines in the past. Maybe it as the way she placed her glasses on her face as though it changed who she was. Now, maybe it was an issue with the portrayal, but she really shined when she’s in the present, crazy, and off the mads that had made the voices go away. She is best when she is completely crazy.

In the future we got some more really great bonding time with the most important players in the situation. Cole, Ramse, Jones, and Max. They hung out, drank, and smoked. It was entertaining to see them let loose a bit considering they are always rather up tight. It also gave us a chance for us to get to know some of the characters. The problem with the time machine was another revealing moment. Jones wanted nothing but to get it back online, making sure that it’s properly salvaged so they can continue to jump. Cole is quick to support that idea. Ramse on the other hand is quite so eager, valuing the safety of his friend over a potentially unsafe time jump.

12 Monkeys - "The Night Room"It did feel a little strange that we spent so long addressing other elements, be it the location and security surrounding the vault, or the time in the future. However it then made sense what situation they were really in. Finding the night room was a big move for them. Inside was an old associate of Jennifer, who let them know there was a way to stop everything by incinerating the virus. That would mean someone would have to press the button below and kill themselves. It was creepy to see the origin of the virus was a creepy half skeleton. The real question is where that body came from. Where it came from. Considering how much we now know about the future and the previous travelers, I wonder if one of them actually is the body there having brought the virus from the future. Then ultimately, the fact that he went back in time is what doomed them.

There was a parallel this week between Cole and Jones in terms of them each hiding secrets from the people they work with. In each situation Cassie and Ramse served as moral high grounds. They don’t like seeing the death and destruction for the the cause. While the other two believe that the deaths of a few is truly enough to save them in the end. They would kill and let as many people die as they had to in order to prevent the virus from getting out.

In the end, the destruction of the virus wasn’t enough. it was incinerated, but he wasn’t wiped from existence. Rather he was brought back to the future moments while Cassie was being carted away. Cole’s return to the future proved problematic as we saw that killing the virus resulted in the West Seven having control of the complex.

What did you think of the episode?

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