Constantine – “Waiting For the Man” Review

Constantine - "Waiting for the Man"It’s come to the point that when I hear a cajun accent on TV, if that person even does the slightest thing to make me suspicious, I know they are dangerous. This episode was absolutely no exception this episode. When our villain of the episode was marrying young girls and strangling as well as killing police officers it was clear he was up to no good at all. The poor girl, Vesta, who was going to marry into this situation was a cross between deluded and confused. It was the other young wives that made her situation even creepier. Learning that he killed his first wife because she wasn’t a virgin bride really took the cake. I was glad when the young Vesta tried to run away and John and Zed managed to get him before he could hurt her.

That all set John and Zed on the track to find the girl. It also marked the return of yet another character we’ve met previously. Zed now had to deal with the fact that she was still dealing with seeing the death of er friend. Every time he reached for her, she saw him dead. This continually troubled her to the point that she subconsciously called for Manny. It was nice to see John get someone emotional over Zed.

Then there was the entire involvement of Papa Midnite. Again, he proved to be another interesting element on the show. Papa Midnite is a layered character. There’s more to him than just being a man well versed in voodoo. He respects John, but he also sees things for what they are. in this case, papa Midnite knows that there is a bounty on John’s head. Papa Midnite is going to collect, but this is proving trouble some for the team. Papa Midnite isn’t doing it just to spite John, he’d doing it to save his sister.

Constantine - "Waiting for the Man"One thing that it is scarily unique to this show is how much it actually feels like it was ripped right out of a comic. There are just so many various moments that feel inherently like they aren’t o this world. The talking corpse this episode was what did it for me. It looked cartoonish. It looked almost foolish. There was nothing about that talking corpse that felt like it was part of the world so far established on Constantine. Yet, it still felt completely possible.

For an episode that was supposed to be a season finale, it didn’t feel like one. There was no larger threat. there was no further information on the rising darkness that keeps being teased. We really just had yet another ordinary episode. Yes, we learned that Manny isn’t such a great guy and he is in charge of the Bruharia, but that was more of a tease than anything.

What did you think of the episode?

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