Helix – “Oubliette” Review

Helix - "Oubliette"It was rather interesting that we learned Kyle is not who he says to be. Rather he is working secretly to bring Alan Farragut down. I didn’t see that coming fro him, but that said, it adds a nice bit of depth for his character. He does seem to care for his team, but knowing that there is more brimming beneath the surface makes him interesting. how far is he going to be willing to go. Alan took Peter’s betrayal to heart, he’s not able to move past it, and leaves peter locked in the hole. Alan pegs Peter as the rat working for Ilaria.

Peter tried to inform Brother Michael of what Alan may have been doing with potentially infected honey. As a result, they were both locked up in Michael’ cells. It was a long time coming that both men finally came to blows expressing how they really felt about everything going on with Julia and their situation. It says a lot that the two have never really had the time to deal with their problems. First Peter was in the Arctic, then sick with Narvik, then Alan decided to become a renegade. It is a lot going on.

Helix - "Oubliette"Sarah was saved by Kyle just in time to bring her to one of the sisters, capable of stitching her up properly. Sara, being an immortal was able to successfully heal from what would have been a near death sentence for anyone else. Not only was she stitched up, but she healed so quickly she startled Sister Agnes, but it wasn’t enough to throw off the old lady. Sister Agnes is craftier than she looks, thought it’s to be expected considering all the underhanded shady work the sisters have been doing, seemingly under Brother Michael’s nose. Her discovery of what Sarah really was didn’t scare her, but alerted her that Sarah is what they call a Silver Eye. Turned out that Brother Michael was also a Silver Eye, another immortal. He’d been lying to the sisters. The fact that the Sisters aren’t sisters because of a sisterhood, but because they are actually all Michael’s children was a nice twist. It makes Michael much darker, but more interesting as he seems to avoid all of Ilaria rather than rally with them.

Julia was in bad shape, but thankfully her original captor brought her in and stitched her up. There she dished on her father and how he was the crazy man in the woods everyone feared. I’m really not a fan of Julia moving from captor to captor from a place where she can’t do anything to yet another place where she is rendered useless.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Helix – “Oubliette” Review

  1. This was a greatly informative episode. Seems like almost no one is whom they seem to be. Love the twist on the indentities of the sisters. I say that Caleb is Sara and Alan’s son. Steven Weber is a phenomenal actor. He brings such depth to the role of Michael. Wonder how old he really is? He’s lived longer than 500 years. Peter works for Ilaria? Is Julia’s father really dead? So many questions to be answered. Can’t wait to find out what comes next.

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