Gotham – “The Blind Fortune Teller” Review

Gotham - "The Blind Fortune Teller"Jim and Leslie went on a trip to the circus. Furing a performance of the Flying Graysons things got a bit nasty. A fight between the Graysons and the Lloyds broke out that Jim was conveniently there to break up. This is a blood feud that is fueled by something that happened three generations back. They two families can’t stand each other yet they tour in the circus together. The problem is it was discovered that one of those circus members was killed, leading into an investigation. Lilah’s son Jerome was the only victim while the two families spread their hate. The reveal that Jerome murdered his mother was nothing compared the the sudden switch in Jerome’s behavior. One minute he’s denying involvement and claiming his mother was amazing. The next he completely morphs into a young man laughing madly and calling his mother a cold whore.

Let’s be honest, Robin Lord Taylor has been really great as penguin. However, over the past few weeks he hasn’t had as much to do. I’m also a bit tired of hearing his mother sing and other people seem to feel the same. We honestly didn’t need him in the episode as he didn’t serve any real purpose. One could draw some parallels and contrasts between his relationship with his mother and Jerome. The delivery Zsasz provided to Penguin was something that could have been left for another episode.

I didn’t really care about the return of Barbara Gordon. In fact, I had been completely content with the lack of Barbara in the past few episodes. She’s been painted as such a dull character with no motivations that it will take a lot to ingratiate herself with the audience. Her case isn’t helped by the fact that she’s desperately trying to win Jim back to the point that she’s taking advice from Cat and Ivy. It’s ludicrous that she not only let’s a couple of strange girls crashing in her apartment stay, but then takes their advice.

Gotham - "The Blind Fortune Teller"Bruce had a small but worthwhile role this episode. His confrontation with the board was satisfying as they cringed at his allegations. It felt even better knowing that Bruce was on the path of actually taking action. He’s coming into his own as an important person in the company. The question will be how people rally against the actions he’s about to take or if they even take him seriously.

Fish’s storyline is interesting, but I’m not sure that I care enough about it to be constantly updated. We seriously could have done without all the repeated check ins. Once we understood that the people running this place were harvesting organs we didn’t need the excess. It was nice to see that Fish meant business, and that she cared about the sacrifice she made. The problem is that we know Fish doesn’t play around. We don’t need this constantly reiterated.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “Gotham – “The Blind Fortune Teller” Review

  1. No Barbara or Fish would have made this episode more interesting. It’s odd for Fish to call these people her family when she barely knows them and probably didn’t even expect to end up there. And Barbara must really be at a low point if she doesn’t think much of two young girls in her apartment and taking fashion tips from them. Her reaction to Gordon was so cliche and even more manufactured when you consider that she already THOUGHT Gordon was cheating when she called her place and Ivy picked up the phone. As for the Graysons romance stuff…the feud is handled off-screen and the two are now engaged? That was fast. As for Jerome, odd kid. Not sure whether the show is actually having this be the universe’s Joker, but hey, it was something. I feel like the writers made him watch the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight over and over again before shooting this episode, though.

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